Advanced Australia Fair

While sensible people have been proudly celebrating the formation, in tough conditions, by tough people, of the worlds 13th largest economy – the advanced, dynamic democracy that is Australia – the usual bunch of Renta-gimps have been bleating about it, and ‘demonstrating’. (Demonstrating by their book means getting together to pretend to support people who say they are deeply dejected about loss of their native culture and who – thanks to what they call ‘invasion’ – have the money, time, transport and internet connection to orchestrate protests.)

The whole thing reeks of the usual tedious hypocrisy.

With all due respect to the indigenous people of Australia – and I do empathise because, as an indigenous person of Britain, I occasionally feel keenly protective toward my own threatened culture – it doesn’t actually seem anyone is preventing them living as their forebears lived. Australia is a large, sparsely-populated country, and it’s hard to imagine anyone would object, or possibly even notice, were the protesters to swap their iPads for spears, their Levi’s for loin-cloths, ditch the car, and go walkabout.

As for the protesters who are descendants of ‘invaders’ or ‘invaders’ themselves, here’s the bitter truth: as usual they don’t actually give a fiddler’s wotsit about any part of the cause they are so loudly shrieking about.

There are several reasons for me saying this.

First, they are perfectly fine with large-scale immigration into Australia from the Far East and the Indian subcontinent. They want more and more immigration to Australia, diluting the ‘native’ population still further, this time with people who most often feel no sense of responsibility for them whatsoever.

Second, they claim to actively rejoice at diversity, which doesn’t mesh with the idea of an Australia returned to its ancient non-diverse population formed of immigrants from Melanesia (who probably displaced whoever was there before them.)

Third, they are parading what might appear to be a rabid self-hatred, but this is in fact just a passing hissy fit; a tantrum of the entitled, such as goes on among the affluent and vapid in every part of the First World now. A fad about as meaningful as streaking or bra-burning, which in years to come will be looked back on with mild irritation by historians and embarrassment by protesters should they one day grow up.

True self-hatred is awful – manifestations include suicide, drink and drug abuse, self-harming, deep depression, isolation. Most of these protesters suffer none of this. Far from hating themselves, they think they practically fart rose-petals.

So, they hate their ancestral past?

Ancestral self-hatred is cruelly destructive: think of the son of Nazi Martin Bormann, who became a priest and spent his life expiating for sins he had never committed. But this kind of self-hatred at least offers a chance to make practical amends.

However, the chance to make practical amends is being conveniently passed-up in Australia. There are smug-looking white Australians posting pictures of themselves anxiously holding placards in their gardens, saying “I am on – whatever tribe’s lands. Always will be.” And yet they don’t surrender ownership, and move off, or perhaps apply to renounce Australian citizenship and repatriate themselves to their European country of origin.

Why on Earth not?

Furthermore, such people claim to hold a global view when it comes to immigration from the Third World to the First – apparently, the only race is the human race, nobody owns land, or territory, and being there for thousands of years, forming a culture and national identity, doesn’t give, say, a European the right to resist mass immigration which drags their advanced society back centuries. Only when the complainant is non-white does the protesters’ passionate understanding of attachment to territory kick in.

What do they propose, practically? That Australia be returned to stone-age conditions and its millions of non-indigenous people repatriated, including themselves, so the indigenous peoples can live as their ancestors lived for around 60,000 years?

Hardly feasible.

Or do they suggest that people whose ancestors had never made any practical advances be given, lock, stock and barrel, all the achievements of the ‘invaders’?

Hardly fair.

Anyway, let’s get real. Fascinating though Aboriginal culture appears, it was astoundingly technologically backward in every possible way. They had art work? They have Dreamtime? All humans have innate spirituality: there is evidence of ritual burials and art among the earliest peoples in every part of the world.

If Europeans had never colonised it, Australia would in all likelihood, like other nations inhabited by undeveloped peoples, have currently been the recipient of major financial aid from the First World, with the aim of providing it with the technology and infrastructure which were in the event provided by the colonisers. And large numbers of the native people of Australia might be applying to emigrate to Europe in search of a ‘better life’ – a fact the hypocritical protesters have no problem with at all.


Knut and The Free Kingdom

A fairy-tale for all Free Kingdomers.

With the Kingdom under the heel of the Four Lords of Nowhere, the Crooked Lady betraying the Kingdom at every turn, the Sea-devils at the gates, and the Silence enforced by the Guardians, what can save the Kingdomers but the return of their Viking Spirit?

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The Crooked Lady of Number Ten

How do I loathe May? Let me count the ways.

Has there ever been a greater failure than our current inglorious leader, in terms of serving the interests of our country? She failed as Home Secretary, she has now failed as Prime Minister. But the thing to remember is that she is not a failure on her own terms, because it becomes ever more clear that serving our nation (defending our borders, upholding democracy, cherishing free speech, and maintaining national integrity) is the very opposite to her intention.

It’s not just her past refusal to deport killers, or prevent the import of more. It’s not just the farcical Brexit negotiations, in which she openly works to wreck democratic choice, joyfully bankrupts us and enslaves us to her EU masters, releasing “secret” dossiers to show what a terrible ‘deal’ she is reaching with the appalling Euro-fascists. Join these betrayals with her government’s response to a recent petition to restore free speech as per the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a document which seriously cramps her style.

“Current UK legislation values free speech and enables people who wish to engage in debate to do so – regardless of whether others agree with the views which are being expressed. This is a qualified right however, which means that it can be restricted for certain purposes to the extent necessary in a democratic society.”

The ‘response’ goes on to directly link the demand for restoration of free speech, with criticism of religious minorities. Therefore, while pretending to care that minorities – and yes, we know which minority – might be used as “scape goats”, the government itself is actually inflicting that status on them.

Following May declaring that Sharia would be good for Britain, this government has now contrived in effect to blame Muslims – many of whom live in Britain specifically so they can enjoy free speech – for the destruction of that right.
Free speech once lost, is not easily regained – restoring it usually entails bloodshed – and with a loose-end statement that basically, only speech judged acceptable by government is permissible, just think what horrors can be perpetrated against us, all our protests now declared crushed for the common good.

So there you have the May legacy: leaky borders, blood on the streets, democracy betrayed, the nation bankrupted and servile, and nobody allowed to let off steam about any of it.

And May, this appalling depressed-heron impersonator, who could hardly be more of a national embarrassment were she to suddenly strip naked and twerk to “Slap My Bitch Up” while offering condolences on one of the endless stream of terrorist attacks which her slavish obedience to EU free-movement has enabled, just hangs around like a fart in a space-suit, destroying her party.

Just look at her track-record, since her majority-killing election: silencing Brexiteer females, surrounding herself with Remoaners like ridiculous booming Amber Rudd who seems to have stepped straight off a hockey pitch in St Trinians and scraped into her seat by the tiniest of margins. And Conservative males – apart from weird, creepy, inexplicably-omnipresent Phillip Hammond – seem to be reduced to flaccid idiocy, huffing a little dissent now and then, but continuing to collude in the greatest orchestrated betrayal of Britain in our entire existence as a nation.

And bizarrely, Conservatives seem confident that they will be allowed into office again, after this. Not so – or, for the benefit of those who favour the destruction of our autonomy – nicht richtig. If they can ever stop compiling their expense accounts and think back just a few decades, they might remember that, once upon a time, there was a great old party – the Liberal Party – which, having offended against around 52% of the nation (the women) was never again given more than local power.

The difference between the Conservative party and Britain – although too many Conservatives often believe they are synonymous – is that Britain will, when Crone May and her fellow collaborators have gone, simply walk away, the blood-money she offered to her Fuhrers unpaid, and the nation full of angry people. Britain will survive. But the Conservative party will be finished. As it stands now, it has no credibility, none whatsoever. Time is running out for the party to restore confidence, and no amount of fearmongering about the Left will work again.

Unless May is removed, to be replaced with a strong, determined Brexiteer, who will purge the cabinet of all May’s fellow Remainers, and do as we commanded on 23rd June 20l6 – get us out of the 4th Reich without further ado or another penny spent – then the Conservative party clearly serves no purpose, and will deserve it’s certain fate, consigned to history.

And May herself? The Tories might – might – be able to save themselves if they take immediate action as prescribed above, but May’s destiny is already sealed. Her name will live in infamy along with other ‘greats’ of national betrayal – Blair, Petain, and Vidkun Quisling.

No Smoke Without Fire

The Class Divide is back with a vengeance in terms of political groupings. As before, it is all a matter of labels, but this time, the labels have been lost in the shuffle, which can be confusing for the uninitiated. As a general guide, just think of the labels being attached in the reverse of traditional order.

Those who secretly consider themselves to be what might be loosely termed ‘middle class’ lean to what they call the Left: however, what they actually lean toward is a positive loathing of the demographic traditional left-wing policies were designed to serve and the beliefs which that demographic cherish.
Outwardly, of course – and this used to apply in particular to those who never actually had a job of any description – many left-wing people would loudly proclaim themselves ‘working class’ on principle, but this is a dying breed (most left-wingers these days would rather nail their ears to a wall than self-identify with people they despise so deeply), so we should really find a new name for them. Several spring immediately to my mind, most of Anglo Saxon origin.

Given the levels of hypocrisy involved in positing themselves as guardians of the plebs while doing all possible to further their extinction, it’s no wonder Jeremy Corbyn has won what passes for their hearts and minds: who could speak more clearly for his followers, than a millionaire born in a manor house, who is married to another millionaire, and dresses as Lenin?

Moving slightly to the right, we find the Centrists who genuinely are middle class and who are increasingly, and worryingly, detached from either the dynamism of the Thatcherite ‘80s or the earnestness of the Caring ‘90s. Their ideological home appears to be the Bland Noughties, a decade which some claim never actually happened at all.

Rather than offering vibrant solutions to the startling social problems of today, these rely on attempting to inspire fear of the Left to prevent defection to the Right, both of which repel them for differing reasons: the Left because the left-wing in this country has now become so devoid of sanity that a vote for Labour is akin to a collective leap off Beachy Head, the Right because, well, they are just way too visceral and appalling.

What this view stems from, in my opinion, is their belief that – being Centrists – they share a universal experience with those who lean Right, when in fact, all they share is a loathing of the Left. However, being Centrists, while they will be inspired to passion by the thought of increased taxation, they take no decisive action against the ideologies of the Left which create such misery among what used to be the Left’s demographic.

Enter the Right.

To understand where the Right are coming from (which was often the Left) it’s important to take a brief glance back to precisely why so many millions of people once so passionately waved the Red Flag. Basically, such people had found by bitter experience that previously existing forms of government, and many individuals, and deeply entrenched attitudes, had metaphorically defecated on them, and their families, and their way of life, from a very great height.

Such is the experience of far too many now, who are accused of ‘hate’ when their passion actually stems from love: of country, home, family, tradition, territory, national culture, the monarchy, and all the other things which their betters call upon them to die for when it suits a purpose.

Meanwhile, they are expected to suffer being collateral damage in someone else’s fantasy without complaint: while Corbynite eyes glisten with joy as ‘natives’ become a minority in entire cities, and Centrists enjoy an open day at a mosque and think everything in the multicultural garden is lovely, the hapless ‘hater’ resents their English town becoming like a sunless version of Karachi in which their teenage daughters are spat on and called ‘white whores’, their sons are beaten up and robbed in repeated unaddressed racially motivated attacks, their little girls are called “dirty pig eaters”, their dogs have stones thrown at them when taken for a walk, and the Muslim mum made friends with at the school gate starts to cover her face because hubby broke her nose for sharing a cup of tea after the school-run (all personal experiences, by the way.)

‘Haters’ who aspire to move up the social ladder then suffer the shock of realising that assistance to get a toe on the next rung is now, legally, allocated by race: so, for example, large organisations and employers can specify any race but white British; a case in point being Creative Access, which offers funding, paid internships, and assistance to BAME applicants only, who want to work in the creative industries. In other words, the pampered offspring of a BAME millionaire is eligible for a life-changing hand-up, while a hardworking, skint white kid, regardless of talent, can take a flying jump.

And nobody on either Centre or Left gives a toss about how grossly, hideously racist and cruel this is because essentially, the Left actively want such people to disappear, and work assiduously to make the situation worse, while Centrists think victims of such policies are making an unseemly fuss about nothing and propose remedies so fudge-like they are akin to treating a compound fracture with a lavender-and-chamomile compress.

Groups, and parties, blossom where there is a need for them, as many previous ‘establishments’ have found to their cost. Leaders who don’t deny the suffering or despise the sufferer will continue to rise and grow exponentially – currently at the rate of a thousand new members per week. And every time they are sneered at, jailed, or suppressed, they grow stronger, tinged with martyrdom.

That fervour, that need, that hurt, those membership numbers, are going to translate into votes, especially in the face of the current Conservative government’s unpatriotic performance and the Centrist denial of genuine experiences. The Left are the source – but the Centre are doing nothing to help, so they are allying themselves, in effect, with the Left.

Real action has to be taken to deal with real concerns, rather than the ‘let them eat cake’ attitude currently so prevalent. That smell you notice is the foundations smouldering. Because for far too many, all is not Right with the world.

The Death of the Viking Spirit

The Gävle Goat is a traditional Christmas display erected annually at Gävle, Sweden. It is a giant version of a traditional Swedish Yule Goat figure made of straw, erected each year at the beginning of Advent by local community groups, and has become famous for being destroyed in arson attacks during December. Despite security measures including armed guards, and the nearby presence of a fire station, the goat has been burned to the ground most years since its first appearance in 1966. As of December 2017, the goat has been damaged 37 times.

Supposedly this represents the clash between the pagan Viking, and Christianity, in which case it’s rather pathetic, because now all Vikings apparently do is burn a straw goat, while allowing the rape of their own mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and grand-daughters. And tremendous efforts are made by local authorities to guard the goat while – yes, you’ve got it – enabling the rape of their own mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and grand-daughters and then desperately lying about the realities of the situation.

Swedish government pages dealing with the rape and violence inflicted on their own people thanks to Swedish government policies would be admirable for their skilled deflection were human lives not at stake. The Swedish government pages actually cite the huge numbers of asylum seekers entering Sweden as indicating that all the evidence of the shocking rise in rape and mayhem is false, because people wouldn’t seek asylum there if it was dangerous. Given that it is asylum seekers who are disproportionately responsible for said rape and mayhem, this is perhaps the greasiest obfuscation in political history.

In 20l5 alone, 163 000 people, mostly from Islamic countries, mostly young, healthy and male, were granted ‘asylum’ in Sweden, which has a population of only 9 million. Please correct my maths if necessary, but it seems to me that is almost one in fifty-five of the existing population, over the course of a single year: and the astonishing influx has not been confined to 20l5.

It’s actually rather surprising how much attention is paid to the torching of the Gavle Goat by chortling Swedes, because other fires rage regularly in Sweden. Over December 20l7, there were explosions and burnings carried out by ‘seekers of a better life’ on an almost daily basis – unreported by state-controlled media who labour under the delusion that nobody has a mobile phone with a camera, or a social media account, and that if they accuse witnesses and victims of lying often enough, we will all continue to believe Sweden remains the land of Abba.

And then there is rape. Swedish women are now four times more likely to suffer rape than any other women in Europe. 84% of rapes of Swedish women are carried out by non-European migrants, a holocaust of sexual assault which is now being treated as a state secret, facts denied, reports fudged, whistle-blowers punished, violated and traumatised women made to accept blame for being considered prey by men who are absolutely unfit to reside in any civilised nation.

What messes with the lies, however, are the recent statistics for emigration from Sweden by indigenous Swedes. More Swedes emigrated last year than ever before in the nation’s history – the numbers willing to abandon their once beautiful, rich, generous, liberal country with its unique heritage have doubled in recent years, and unlike the Viking explorations of old, the majority leaving are the famously beautiful, liberated women of Sweden, who, having been raised to live as equal partners of Lars, choose not to be the brutalised victims of Abdul.

I suspect that limper-wristed Swedes regard their decimation as poetic justice for the sins of previous millennia, but there are vital differences between the invading Viking hordes of the distant past, and the current crop. The Vikings rampaged, raped and destroyed, but they had to fight armed defenders for what they stole, and they took it back to their waiting families. These invaders are invited as pampered, privileged guests for whom life is one long, free lunch, and they are overwhelmingly men who leave their women and children back home to die while they themselves eviscerate Sweden like maggots in roadkill.

And the Vikings were Christianised and went on to build what were long considered model western societies. How many centuries, how much misery, before the current invaders become such? Let’s face it, it will never happen: the majority are Islamists, and no country in which Islamism became the norm has ever survived as a liberal, tolerant, egalitarian democracy.

But the Swedes, like all European nations, are actively forbidden to do the sensible thing, as practiced by those the Vikings invaded, and guard their own people, lands and culture. And the policy goes deeper than a delusion that all belief-systems are equal because this version of multiculturalism is deliberate racial population replacement as fervently desired by the mad.
No flag bearing the image of a lemming has ever flown over any embassy that I know of, but this is the creature the majority of European governments demand indigenous Europeans emulate.

While it is illegal to kill certain beetles, it is considered positively evil to suggest that the white race, which in l950 stood at 27.98% of the world’s population, but by 20l0 had reduced to l6.43% – a drop of l.925% per decade which if continued will result in white people being reduced to only l.03% of the world’s population by the end of this century – should merit protection in their homelands from the worst elements of those who have, after all, their own continents in which to either slaughter each other or learn civilised behaviour.

In other words mothers, like me, of beautiful white children, are taught we should actively rejoice to imagine such babies going the way of the Dodo. When you consider how rapidly the damage has been done, and how openly many defend and deny what amounts to genocide, it’s clear that we have possibly a single generation in which to reverse it – and if not, we are lost forever.

Sweden once offered a shining example to follow – now it gives fair warning. We must endeavour to ensure that this suicidal nonsense is consigned to the cess-pits of history while enough of us survive to mete out suitable punishment to the kind of people who set armed guards to defend a straw goat, while joyfully presiding over the murder of their own posterity.

Defending The Faith

On November l4th l940, the Luftwaffe bombed Coventry, reducing its ancient Cathedral to rubble – one of the Baedeker raids, in which German pilots were directed to places of particular cultural significance or beauty in order to destroy them. On Christmas Day, the provost broadcast to the world that the people of Coventry would try to forgive the barbarians for this act of pure evil, and the cathedral choir sang The Coventry Carol, among the ruins of their once beautiful House of God.

But bear in mind that Coventry was avenged, the barbarians acknowledged as such, and destroyed. The cathedral didn’t reopen as a meeting place for Hitler Youth. Forgiveness is not surrender.

On a morning of waking to the now-daily news of attacks upon the civilised world by barbarians – barbarians of an ilk who were particular favourites of the barbarians who bombed Coventry and who share similar aims – the Coventry Carol rings especially poignant.

It mourns and wonders for the tiny baby, the “poor youngling” hunted and persecuted by a vicious Middle Eastern potentate who is prepared to slaughter countless innocents to preserve and enlarge his own corrupt power. 
The baby Jesus – voice of the humble, helpless, born in a homeland under occupation by an alien power, bringer of a message of truth, hope, love and joy which needs no obfuscation by ‘scholars’ to make it palatable, no blind eyes turned by the wilfully idiotic, and which cannot be “misinterpreted” to demand that those opposing it die horribly – is the perfect metaphor for Christianity now. 

In at least fifty countries, most of them Islamic, it is lethal to live by the teachings of the young existentialist who that helpless baby grew to be. In African nations when Islam has taken hold, Christians are slaughtered on the steps of their churches, as they go in love to worship innocence.

And even where we owe our moral code, our literature, and our rights to the teachings of that young man, Christianity is betrayed to comply with a faith for which Herod serves as the perfect metaphor.

The Citadel itself, Jerusalem, has just been denied by a now morally defunct interest group – the United Nations – in order to surrender it to a gaggle of terrorists beloved of the kind of people who never took their red-and-black Che Guevara print off the bedroom wall.

And in Europe Christians are slaughtered, terrorised, abused now on a daily basis, our icons considered prey, as savages who are incapable of understanding light, or joy, rage and froth against those who have, so unwisely, taken them in, and the doctrines which inform them are defended and excused by those who prefer to pretend that a war-lord is capable of bringing Peace on Earth.

The young man Jesus had a particular dislike for hypocrisy, which we are now bombarded with on a daily basis.

Like many Christian festivals, Christmas in Northern and Western Europe was superimposed on traditional beliefs and practices long dictated by nature and the seasons. In the bleak mid-winter, the body slows as the year winds down like an old clock.  The days are short, dark and cold, the mind sluggish. What can be better than to snuggle in shelter with those we love best: eat, drink, huddle around whatever source of heat we have, play games to cheer us as the dawn seems hardly to have broken before it is dusk again?

And into this ancient way of life, came the epitome of joy, light and hope: a new-born baby, perfect, honest and innocent as the green shoots which will show above the frozen earth when the year has turned and the days begin to lengthen.

Give or take a bit of technology, we, the seasons, and the message, haven’t changed.

Now – isn’t that worth defending?

Merry Christmas, everybody.

Coming Up Trumps

In the red corner – Donald Trump, who needs no introduction. In the corner reserved for also-rans – accidental Prime Minister Appeaser Theresa, berating him as usual with all the erudition of a depressed heron gargling ball-bearings while being held hostage at gunpoint.

There were other people who joined in the hysterical demand for the President of the United States to curtail his right to use social media, following Trump re-tweeting from Britain First: Amber Rudd, who barely retained her seat in GEl7, a Labour nonentity called Chris Bryant who actually wants The Don jailed for up-setting radical Muslims, and Kreepy Kaliph Khan, who will keep deluding him-self that he has a remit to involve himself in international affairs instead of sort-ing out the delivery of wheelie-bins and who is outraged about the prospect of a visit from our most vital ally, but who was shown to ‘follow’ ISIS supporters on Twitter.

Oh: and Khan represented Louis Farrakhan – American leader of the religious group Nation Of Islam, who labelled white people ‘devils,’ described Jews as ‘bloodsuckers’ and called Hitler a ‘very great man’ – in his attempts to overturn a ban on coming to Britain in the early 2000s.
Of course, these aren’t the only people who hate Donald Trump: Americans who scream at the sky and dress as vaginas hate him, too.

Actually, under Article Nineteen of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to deny the free exchange of ideas is a crime against humanity. The lowliest among us have the absolute right to feel as we feel, and to express those feelings verbally and through any public media. How dare these minnows demand silence of the most powerful man in the world?

Trump responded that May should look to the dangers of Islamic extremism, and as always, Trump was proven right within 24 hours: Jihadis disguised in the burkas which liberals refuse to ban attacked a Pakistan agricultural college and a bomb was found in a German Christmas market.

It is of course suicidal to allow Islam to proliferate in the west and to dissociate Muslims from Islam: as bizarre as it would have been to let Hitler Youth join the Boy Scouts in l943 in case they felt excluded. Should our civilisation survive – and unless we get rid of the current international political class, that’s a long shot – our descendants will be aghast that we don’t rise up, take matters into our own hands, and tear down the walls which protect those who refuse to protect us.

But, oh dear: tweets by Jayda Fransen – surely such voices should be silenced for the Greater Good? Well, in the first place, if you find Glam Crusader Fransen more horrifying than a gaggle of wild-eyed mostly-inbred followers of a dead paedophile war-lord who even Dante consigned to the circle of hell reserved for the bringers of discord and division, you need to give your head a wobble.
In the second place, anyone who silences dissent is an oppressor, freedom was never won by appeasing oppressors, and those who oppose oppression are by their very nature heroes.

So, thanks to the Globalist Fascists, Britain First are now martyrs, Jayda Fransen stands to be a political prisoner, Tommy Robinson is Robin Hood, Katy Hopkins is Boudicca, every EDL member is elevated to a Merry Man, every writer and ranter to a Voltaire. We have even found a visionary Virgin Queen to lead us, in the form of Anne Marie Waters.

Meanwhile, still clinging to power and trying to steer the various ships of state, are people of a global elite, a universal club which is not remotely concerned with the survival of people or nation: we are all peasantry, they are the rulers.

But, don’t Britain First use Hate Speech? Well, Hate Speech laws are political oppression, no more. The law is frequently a tool of tyrants, when it isn’t an ass. Even the Holocaust was legitimised. The very concept of such a thing as Hate Speech – a euphemism for ‘offending Muslims’ – is as much a travesty of human rights as the Nuremberg Laws.

The elites rely on our compliance with these laws to enact an absolute betrayal of our thousands of years of heritage, and surrender the very lives of our children, to an infinitely inferior culture. Why? Because people whose mentality calcified in the Bronze Age own the sand beneath which lies the oil which we had to get out of the ground for them to hold us to ransom, and to the elites our lives and culture are mere bargaining chips. Others have thought they could escape justice by clinging to the edicts of lawyers. But they met with reality eventually, at the hands of the people they had tried to destroy.

Since the Brexit vote – which ended the nightmare prospect of TTip – and then Donald Trump’s election, these elites have the panicky whiff of cornered rats. They know the game is up: in Europe the military they wanted to use to bring us to heel is still in embryonic form, EU survival is dependent on the money which Remainer May wants to give to that hostile foreign power she favours, in order to degrade and impoverish Britain. The endless dreary cases brought by bent lawyers on both sides of the Atlantic, which are intended to undermine populism, only harden our opinions.

And above all, Donald Trump doesn’t care what the elites do or what nobodies like Khan bleat. His remit is the protection of his own country and people, as it should be for every leader. There are vast similarities between Trump and Churchill: both regarded as loose cannon, phenomena rather than mere politicians. Both half American, half British. Both untouchable and beyond purchase, Churchill because of his illustrious family name, Trump because he is slightly richer than God. Trump and Brexit are the Nemesis of Globalism. It’s now a dead concept walking.

It should be remembered that the definition of the word ‘populist’ – which our snobbish, out-of-touch elites use as an insult for Trump, Waters and others like them – is ‘support for the concerns of ordinary people’. Therefore, it stands to reason that every leader of every nation should be ‘populist’.

As it is, too many people who consider themselves to hold the moral high-ground have never experienced the reality, for instance, of a town being ruined by the building of a mosque, and continue to roll their eyes and curl their lips in contempt for the concerns of the ‘ordinary’ – forgetting that the ordinary form the majority: and in the polling booth, whether they like it or not, each vote cast by one of those they despise is equal to their own.

And yet, with all the arrogant irrelevance of l8th century aristocrats rattling toward the guillotine on a tumbril, about to end up shorter, by squawking outrage at Donald Trump our government and mainstream media still erroneously claim to speak for a majority who they despise and by whom they are loathed. But we don’t have to look back two centuries to see the likely fate of the current political class, because there is a more recent example: the Communist elite who were swept away by the long-suffering people of Europe over the course of only ten months.

How dare May, whose grave-stone should be inscribed with the word “Negligible”, presume to attack our friends’ choice of president, while grovelling to those who want to see us destroyed? Because make no mistake: America – real America – is the truest, possibly the only, friend we have.

Friendship is the graves of 522,107 young Americans scattered across Europe in our defence, and with them the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who should have been born to them. Friendship is $140 billion at today’s values in Marshall Aid to rebuild Europe from the rubble it was reduced to by those May tries now to appease.

May is a travesty – a gurning, gurgling, useful idiot for moribund Globalism. In betraying Brexit she shows herself as a quisling, and, in attacking our friends and blood brothers, as a traitor.
Unless there is one Jihadi attack too many and she is delivered the ‘full Ceausescu’, I look forward to the day when she and her fellow conspirators against democracy and human rights give a brief pre-sentencing account of their crimes in The Hague.
That day can’t come soon enough for my liking.

Mandy Baldwin

Mad About Islam

It was Theresa May who made me realise that the world had gone mad. It was just after a couple of greasy cretins put some fairy-lights in a bucket and took it on a train full of kids, in an attempt to burn their faces off. It was just a small thing – don’t know why I didn’t realise it before.

It was when she said what is said to us each time similar greasy cretins do their thing. To paraphrase:
“Islam is a religion of peace so you’d better not criticise it after some of it’s followers have tried to kill you, or it’s followers will try to kill more of you.”

There was no irony intended. This was our Glorious Leader seriously telling us that people we are supposed to view as peaceable fellow citizens will naturally be homicidally triggered by us questioning why it is that, each time some freak runs amok with a claw hammer or machete, he is howling “Allahu Akbar!” and not shouting something a bit less Islamic, say, the lyrics to Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’, or an excerpt from a Kipling poem.

There was sanctimony there: well, if we will be so bigoted that we get pissed off about kids being killed at concerts, what can we expect?
Worse – there was a threat. Shut up and die in silence, or else.

That a British prime minister would say this, on a day when four terrorist attacks were carried out in Europe, made me realise, she, and in fact, everyone in command of us, is actually mad when it comes to Islam, to a degree which would be comedic, if only the body count wasn’t growing.

Having abandoned suspension of disbelief, I realise the rejection of logic is everywhere.

After the instruction to die without a squeal, came May and Rudd’s outrage at Donald Trump’s correct prediction that the attackers had been in the Met’s sights, when only the most determined Guardian reader imagined otherwise. Yes, it’s mad – but such greasy cretins always are in the Met’s sights, along with literally thousands of others known to be trained killers.

But fear not: the CPS boasts of having cracked down on ‘hate crime’, including a new category, ‘bacon crime’ – usually putting a piece of Sunday breakfast on or near a mosque – for which an otherwise blameless man was recently sentenced to a year’s imprisonment.

Plenty of madness there, to be going on with.

And then there is Lily Allen Syndrome: the inability to realise that children don’t have five o’clock shadow and crow’s feet.
The bag bombers were in foster care, and apparently nobody noticed they left the basin full of whiskers on a regular basis, or, if they did, they convinced themselves that thick facial hair was a result of rough travel, which would worry female back-packers, if true.

So dedicated to this particular delusion are LAS sufferers, that they consider inspecting migrant’s teeth to verify whether they should be put in a refugee camp for processing, or dressed in Sponge Bob Square Pants PJs and put to bed with some cocoa, to be a violation: far greater, for example, than that suffered by any girls subsequently gang-raped under a bridge for having the audacity to go out wearing perfume.

Next on the mad list is belief in the ‘refugee crisis’ in it’s entirety.

Oh, yes, The Guardian and it’s illegitimate sprog the Independent persist in showing pictures of weeping babes in the arms of gratefully smiling women, but pull the other one.
UNHCR figures show that 75% of those arriving, and quickly disappearing into the Schengen woodwork, are healthy males, aged between 19 and 45.

Only the unhinged would see this as the demographics of a humanitarian crisis. These are foot-soldiers. If not yet active ISIS operatives (and the Lebanese, who have processed many, claim at least 8% of them are) at the very least, they are healthy adult males who left their women, children, and old folk to the tender mercies of ISIS, which hardly makes them deserving of sympathy.

Actually, this isn’t strictly true, because only 20% of those arriving started their journey in a war-zone. But the Islam Mad demand we believe that any shifty-looking male who turns up in an unconventional manner – even from neighbouring, desirable holiday destinations – is a victim on a par with Anne Frank.

A broader madness features the absolute denial that there is any connection between violence, sexual assault and Islam, regardless of such things as the rape epidemic in Sweden, where 86% of rapes are carried out by North African migrants, and despite a public beheading being viewed as a fun family day out in, for example, Saudi Arabia, where they take pride in reflecting the purest manifestation of the Prophet’s life.

It’s logical to assume that being taught that the perfect man was a dark-age war-lord who burned apostates to death in cages, personally boasted of killing over 8000 people, and raped on such a scale that he has left a permanent DNA marker in the regions he so brutally invaded and occupied, might lead to problems adjusting to western liberal society, but remember, when it comes to the official attitude to Islam, logic is off the table.

In an effort to deflect from the problem of Islam never having peacefully assimilated anywhere, ever, smaller inversions of sanity are promoted, such as it being ‘liberating’ to wear the hijab, when – on Islamic turf – women are thrashed for not doing so.

I will pass over Gays For Sharia with the words “turkeys” and “Christmas”. Suicide is not illegal. Your call. You’re adults.

But it’s unforgivable when the madness is inflicted on children. With over 6,000 cases of FGM in the UK last year, there has not been a single prosecution. According to social workers it doesn’t do any good for parents who inflict this horror on their little girls to serve jail-time. In a sane world, it might be thought that to see a few parents go down for life – and for their children to be brought up by people who hadn’t sliced them up with razors – might be kinder to the children, and serve as a warning, preventing this from being done to others.

But who needs sanity, when you’ve got multiculturalism?

And then remember that – in a nation where the age of consent is 16 – a group of men just sat round a table and decided that girls who were gang-raped are not entitled to compensation for the fact that the crimes had been covered up by local authorities, because 12 year old children can consent to sex as long as there’s a 90% chance the men involved are Muslims.

A female judge two years ago set the legal inequality ball rolling by saying men who rape Asian girls should be jailed for longer than those who rape white girls, because little white girls suffer less from being defiled: rape messes with Asian girls’ chances of arranged marriage, you see – which they shouldn’t have, anyway, because, you know, this isn’t Bangladesh.

Other insanity: it’s right to protest fox-hunting, which is cruel and backward (I agree) but racist to protest people slashing animal’s throats, then keeping them conscious in agony and terror while they bleed out, so they can hear incantations to the Moon God.

What next? Oh, yes – the insane creed that it is intolerant to oppose an ideology which, left to it’s own devices, beheads people for drawing cartoons, stones raped women to death for adultery, and throws gay men off buildings.

As a central tenet of the insanity, this is matched by the insistence that normalising and endorsing beliefs which have remained stagnant for 1400 years is social advance.

But of course, maddest of all, is the delusion that the majority population will let the lunatics run the asylum indefinitely.

We Have A Problem

So it’s finally been admitted that Europe is in danger. Well, who’d’ve thunk it, eh? It’s not as if there was ever anything vaguely suspicious about endless boatloads of healthy young Islamist males arriving – well fed, armed with smartphones and money but no papers – demanding to be kept. And it’s not as if there was then a rash of rapes, and murders, which have destroyed all sense of peace and safety across Europe.

Dear me, no.   Nobody in their right mind could have predicted that there could be a problem.

After all, didn’t gaggles of bored housewives line up with placards saying “Refugees Welcome”?  And weren’t all those who thought this was a silly idea – including those official groups monitoring the situation who pointed out that 8% were known to be ISIS operatives, and even the Dalai Lama – called ‘racist’ ‘bigot’ and ‘Islamophobe’ for doing anything other than offering Halal snacks and free access to children in swimming pools?  Isn’t it Lily Allen we should emulate in all things?

Well, as the boats now arrive from Morocco – in the week in which Moroccans have slaughtered innocent people in Spain, Finland, Russia and France – it seems the penny has dropped; too late for thousands, of course, those already dead, those who will die tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year – because it’s too little too late, and nobody is actually suggesting doing anything about it – such as deporting all those proven to be past puberty, and warning that any boats arriving will towed back before they hit coastal waters, or sunk if they resist, so they’d best turn around and go back.

And I doubt if it will dent the general unreality of those who see Islam as just an expression of diversity, something exotic which we can all live around.

The unreality is born of arrogance, of course – the fantasists believe that if the Islamophobes weren’t so common/uneducated/aggressive, they’d agree with the fantasy. And it’s also born of layers of ignorance: those who believe we can all shake down happily together (a) have never seen their town taken over and experienced the aggression and persecution which ensues when Muslims are in the majority and (b) don’t know that Islam is a total system of belief, in which all are taught to emulate Mohammed, who alongside being a blood-soaked conquering war-lord, and mass rapist, also knew a thing or two about faking refugee-hood.

After all, it worked well for him in Medina – taken in as a ‘refugee’, within five years, he had killed every Jew in the place, and it was occupied by his followers.

As with all things ISIS – which too many continue to believe is a perversion of Islam – this invasion is in fact the ‘real deal’ and the only reason most Muslims don’t concur is that human beings are intrinsically good, or, basically, can’t be bothered.
But the ‘real deal’ is always there, ready to be triggered, and, when numbers are sufficient, or the existing power is compliant enough – as it is, right across Europe – then the take-over begins. And it’s working already – for a 4% minority, the sway Muslims have is quite outrageous.

This is the way it worked in sub-Saharan Africa where the first Christian nations in the world were enslaved by Islamists, and in the once-enlightened Middle East, once home of science, art, and reason – now reduced to a collection of backward, violent hell-holes, and in South East Asia, once Buddhist.

But the fantasists – who hold themselves morally superior to the dangerous realists – appear to think that we are all living in a Richard Curtis film, say, a drama in which charity boss Colin Firth is working with a dashing, westernised Muslim, and they introduce each other to their sisters, and are coyly smitten.

They are, of course, part of a jolly group of diverse friends, joined at the hip, and Ahmed just happens to be a bit browner than the comedy Welsh artist. Firth’s sister – maybe a feisty health-club manager played by Emma Thompson – fights her attraction because she’s debating whether she wants to date men anymore, but eventually, perhaps at a wedding at large country house, they get down and dirty in the shrubbery. And Colin Firth is intrigued by Ahmed’s sister, who is saucily flirtatious from behind a bit of gauzy veiling.

Then war breaks out in Daftestahn, or whichever minor Arab state Ahmed and Aisha hail from, and Ahmed gets religion in a big way – but only enough for Emma Thompson to wrinkle her brow thoughtfully as she is veiled by some inexplicably welcoming Muslim mother in law who really isn’t fazed that her son is getting hitched to a 30-something infidel who’s been round the block a dozen times. The last scene would be of Colin Firth looking appreciative as Aisha steps out from a Burka, to reveal she is only wearing a thong bikini, and they frisk into the sea together. Cut to titles, with Dido hooting about love across the miles.

Only this isn’t how the story really ends, wherever Islam gets the upper hand. In the real world, the alternatives are to expel Islam or to bend the neck. And those are the only options, as has been proven in every single country which is targeted for formation of the Caliphate and is stupid enough to allow a toehold.

The “integration” fantasy is suicidal – why do any of those who defend it, think things will be different here? Perhaps it’s born of social and financial security – after all, when we are taken back to the dark ages, 90% of those who despised those who struggled against it, will be able to afford a flight to a new life, in a pocket of the world as yet untouched – far from the horror their naivety enabled.

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