Appeal to Her Majesty

As Brits fly the American flag, and our government attempt to consign Britain to history, an American makes a last-ditch appeal to the sovereign.
Will these topics be raised over tea with President Trump on Friday?


High Noon At Chequers

Usually, those unfortunate enough to be in an office of state during Theresa May’s attempts to overturn Brexit, manage to post on social media, putting a brave and optimistic face on the landmarks of Brexit negotiations.

But there has been a resounding silence from the MPs who make up the British Cabinet, ever since the bizarre abduction of the government by Traitor May. At that meeting – and for some time afterwards – our elected representatives had their phones and smart-watches confiscated, proof if proof is needed that Theresa May operates along lines unfit for a democratic nation, so they were unable to seek advice or publicise the betrayal of the biggest electoral mandate of our entire history.

I just checked Facebook again, and while the quisling herself immediately trumpeted her ‘plan’, no Conservative minister’s page – and not even the page run by the Conservative Party itself – has updated. The DUP and Arlene Foster, the formidable DUP leader are likewise silent on the matter, despite the non-event of the Irish border being made a huge issue.

It may be that minister’s phones were smashed with a hammer by some Igor-like retainer at Chequers, and they were, as May threatened, refused the use of cars to get out of the massive and impenetrable country estate of our inglorious betrayer, and are as I write wandering unshaven in tattered trousers, foraging for breakfast among the hedgerows. But it would be nice to think that the pro-Brexit MPs, who were told they would be immediately replaced by tame Remainers should they resign, are in fact ashamed of having caved in, refuse to show public solidarity – and are now working out how to dispose of possibly the most treacherous, duplicitous and worthless Prime Minister of all time.

While the Brexiteers held a pre-hostage meeting to decide what to do in the event of May doing what May does, the traitor had scurried over to Germany to ask Fuhrer Merkel’s permission to lay the plan before the British government.

By so doing, even in the eyes of the most gullible and dedicated Tory, she has now openly played her hand: she is not a British Prime Minister – she is the EU stooge and quisling the rest of us always knew her to be.

She has, of course, killed the Conservative Party forever – unless the Conservative Party immediately kill her (metaphorically speaking, of course, no matter what fevered dreams Brexiteers enjoy.) The Conservative Party is the oldest political party in the world, but to a woman dedicated to killing the world’s oldest parliamentary democracy, destroying one of it’s parties is small potatoes. As a dedicated believer in Hallstein’s Monster, she is working on the removal of such inconvenient items as democracy, anyway.

tmay bulldog

This woman Theresa May, this traitor, this liar, who got a clammy grip on these most vital negotiations as a result of being barren while her Brexiteer rival, Andrea Leadsome rightly stated that as a mother and grandmother she had a genetic stake in the future, has neutered, endangered, humiliated, impoverished and bruised this country as no leader has in our history.

She has been supported in this by the absolute cowardice of the Conservative MPs who have ensured the long survival of their party by habitually putting party unity before the good of nation and people. The intention was to break us, but instead it has pushed us to civil unrest, and has brought about the implosion of the EU by exposing it as a tyrannical exercise in the wilful destruction of the people of every democratic nation state.

Remainers, of course, are jubilant at the overthrow of this most awesome democratic choice: it takes a special kind of stupid to continue to believe that the EU is a benign organisation, so it is no surprise that they apparently assume they will always vote in accord with the elites of the corporate globalists, and therefore will never themselves face betrayal of their vote.

When a nation declares it’s independence, a period of unrest can be guaranteed. There have invariably been those who did very nicely out of the old order, and are bound to complain and obstruct. These should have been ignored, because from the vital matter of sovereignty, all else follows: security, trade, public order, justice, prosperity and dignity. Instead, they have been pandered to at every turn, and the only benefit of this, has been to confirm the petulant snobbery and ignorance of those who are outraged that the majority of voters dared to disagree with them.

The old order in Britain included a tedious see-saw between parties which were largely meaningless, as our laws and trade were over-ruled by the EU. Those parties are now rotten to the core, tainted forever by their connections to the EU. Luckily, Traitor May’s idiotic election, called to allow her time to complete her destruction of British democracy and national identity in the interests of her EU overlords, has in fact given a resurgent UKIP, under excellent new leader Gerard Batten, time to prepare for government.

There is even a growing, more left-wing, new opposition party, in the form of For Britain. It’s time to bury the dead past and move forward into a new era of self-determinism and true democracy, with a restoration and enhancement of rights which had been eroded by the failed experiment of globalism.

The old Liberal Party was wiped off the political map from the time it so violently opposed women’s suffrage, and the Conservative Party has now crossed that line: no party can so conclusively betray a vast chunk of the population, for so long, and expect to be forgiven.

The EU is dying, despite Traitor May’s best efforts to sacrifice Britain in her continental overlords interests, and her appalling betrayal has brought down the Conservative party with it.
I suspect that no matter what the Conservatives do now – for instance, putting the people’s favourite Jacob Rees-Mogg in the plum job – the party which originally sold us to German ambition by deceptively taking us into the Common Market, will be put out of it’s misery at the next general election.


The 4th Is With You

As so many of those living in the Thirteen Colonies believed, there was no logical reason to break with the Mother Country. Didn’t Americans have a higher standard of living than the British? Didn’t the British pay fifty-times the tax that Americans paid? Didn’t the Americans have a small voice in the far-off government of Great Britain?

Yes, they were bound to only trade with Britain; yes, they were forbidden to expand; yes, they were subject to regulations rendered inexplicable by distance; yes, the representatives of the German King had disarmed the militias to neuter rebellion, in defiance of a Magna Carta which held no special meaning for him.

But surely, being connected to a great power, linked to the traditions of the old world, was worth the sacrifice of some ideals of freedom?

Well, no, it wasn’t: because with freedom comes the chance to sink without trace – or to fly higher than can ever be possible when someone else holds the leash. What matters is that every loss or gain is of a people’s own making. And control by others is never benign: what may posit itself as such, soon shows it’s teeth when challenged.

When those originally employed to defend the people, are used to defend those who deny the people freedom, when savages are courted by oppressors in order to suppress defiance, then the minority who have originally rebelled, are proven right, and become the majority.
And no matter how long it takes, the majority are ultimately unstoppable.

Those like the French, who wanted to destroy Great Britain, rushed to the aid of the ‘rebels’, their hatred of an old rival making them useful idiots on behalf of those who were defending ideas which were born and bred in an England which had to send foreign mercenaries to America, as Englishmen soon wouldn’t volunteer to fight people they saw as brothers fighting for rights which they themselves had lost and must strive to regain.

So in 1781 the British ‘lost’ America, with the help of France – but it was a pyrrhic victory for France, still a feudal country, which left it’s wealth in the Colonies, learned that blood was thicker than water when the Americans didn’t pay their French creditors – and took back to France the infection of Liberty.

Eight years later, French revolutionaries stormed the Bastille.

As for their hopes that lopping off vital parts of Great Britain would destroy Les Anglo-Saxons, not so: Britain replaced the raw materials they had obtained from the American colonies, by forcing the French out of India, built the biggest Empire the world has ever known, and formed a network of European alliances in order to destroy the “little corporal” who had been the hope and glory of the new French Republic.

Napoleon took the bee as his emblem, forgetting that bees die, once they have stung.

Meanwhile, the fledgeling American Colonies expanded to become a superpower which elbowed the French, Spanish and Dutch out of the choicest parts of the American continent, and would eventually come to the rescue of the Mother Country which was inspired by Churchill, named “Greatest Briton” – a man whose father was British and whose mother was American.

From freedom, all else follows. There is no security which is worth the sacrifice of independence.

Let those who think Brits can’t stand alone, or will lie down under a beating, take note, because there is nothing new under the sun, and now Britain is freeing herself from the constraints of an alien, German-dominated power, as our blood-brothers did 240 years ago, while the grown-up USA cuts loose from meaningless, draining obligations under a leader whose father was American and whose mother was British – and inspires Brits to reclaim rights which are in our DNA and our most ancient laws.

These words, drafted by Jefferson in 1776, are timeless, and can be read with equal meaning in Britain today.

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for a people to advance from that subordination in which they have hitherto remained, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the equal and independent station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s god entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the change
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and independent; that from that equal creation they derive in rights inherent and inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, and liberty and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these ends, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government shall become destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing it’s powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness…when a long train of abuses and usurpations, begun at a distinguished period, and pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to subject them to arbitrary power, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.

It’s a foolish Mother who doesn’t learn from a clever child.

Happy Birthday, America. We’ll see you on the outside.

The Strangeness of King Manu

Beat to quarters, and cry God for Harry, England and Saint George! because England expects every man will do his duty. As if dealing with the relics of Hitler and Stalin wasn’t bad enough, now we have to fend off Napoleon IV.

Or is it Caligula? Emmanuel Macron has compared himself to Jupiter. Maybe he will try to emulate that other mad emperor who had a God-complex, and battle Neptune, getting soldiers to bring home seashells as spoils.

After all, he forced the French military to dance to Daft Punk for the benefit of a bemused and unimpressed Donald Trump, so clearly no humiliation is too great to be heaped upon them by the man they call “the little puppet.”

Still, at least he is passionate about French culture, and has demanded that the baguette be protected by the UN:

“Excellence and expertise must be preserved, and that is why it should be heritage listed. When I see the quality of bread in supermarkets, it is impossible not to get angry. The bread is frozen, some of it comes from Romania or who knows where, nothing is carried out in accordance with the rules of the art. The baguette is the envy of the whole world.”

The urge to shout at Romanian bread may, of course, stem from the fact that he boasts of only sleeping for three hours per night. Being English, and therefore not emotionally engaged with baked products, or indeed, bakers, my advice would be “Have a nap, mate.”

manu bread

One of Emmanuel Macron’s great-grandfathers came from Bristol, but I think we should deny all responsibility for the confusing phenomenon which is King Manu – the man who aspires to be Emperor of Europa but got the big job just as what he calls the “leprosy of populism” swept across the continent.

Les Anglo Saxons were the source of the infection, naturellement, but the Italians have got it bad, which is why, in a recent shrill outburst, he described them as lepers.

The Italians responded by calling him “a chatterbox” – I never before thought the Italians to be such masters of understatement.

Anyway, they have form when it comes to annoying Manu, who Berlusconi described as “a 39-year-old lad, with good work experience under him and most of all with a good looking mom who has carried him under her arm when he was still a child”. 

Brigitte and Manu obviously only started a romantic relationship when he was l8, and if you could excuse me for a few minutes, I am taking a brief break to clean the window, as a whole flock of flying pigs just swooped past.

Brigitte was l5 year old Manu’s 39 year old teacher when they met, and Manu’s parents sent him to Paris to escape her clutches, begging her to “leave him alone” until he was at least l8, but chose not to heap scandal on scandal, possibly damaging Manu’s own future career, by bringing charges against her for corruption of a minor.

manu 5

The average Frenchman would of course think it fabulous to be ‘educated’ by an older woman but ridiculous to be a victim of one, or indeed to remain with her in perpetuity. Manu’s declaration “without her there would be no me” gives a queasy feeling and is not reassuring in a statesman.

Luckily, female teachers who prey on pupils are not condemned as roundly as male ones, and their relationship is painted as a grand romance. It’s rude and sexist to disparage a mature lady, so the pair have been equated to Donald and Melania, whose age gap is the same.

However, Melania was not groomed from childhood, being in her late 20s when she met Donald, who was not her teacher.

Perhaps it is the relationship with Brigitte which has made Manu appear oddly infantile.

Manu always had a thing about his grandma – he asked to live with her at the age of 5. His interest in the older female equips him superbly for a political world which for some years, in a diversity drive, has been run by mad old women.

Mrs May – who beneath her guise as a depressed heron gives the impression of wearing split-crotch tweed knickers – has been seen to skitter girlishly and flutter her eyelashes while gurgling incoherently at him, and poor, lumbering Frau Merkel, who clearly saw him as her special leibling, appeared to be a broken Orc as Manu ditched the Gallic seductiveness and showed his sharp little teeth at a recent joint press-conference.

potty training

Now the Spanish – whose border with France is ‘leaky’ due to Spanish laziness and incompetence – have allowed in the migrants the Italian ‘lepers’ have turned away, and Macron has had to pull up the French drawbridge, annoying Mutti Merkel even more.
The love affair is over and Brigitte’s jealous tantrums can stop.

macron merkel

Drying Brigitte’s tears could at least save on the make-up bill. Presentation of this couple is expensive. Their joint make-up bill was £24,000 between May and August last year, and they required two make-up artists due to cosmetic “emergency”.

macron mum

Manu’s Wikipedia page is very odd, as if Manu – who speaks English fluently but with strong shades of Inspector Clouseau – wrote it himself. Much attention is devoted to time spent with his grandma, and he doesn’t neglect to boast that he once won a piano competition.

His statements appear to show a man conflicted and deeply confused: for example, he says he is not a socialist but just works in a socialist government, and there are many other erratic thoughts and opinions. If you want a bloody good laugh, I urge you to read it. This is just one quote:

“Macron also proposed a plan to “reorganize” the Islamic religion in France saying, “We are working on the structuring of Islam in France and also on how to explain it, which is extremely important – My goal is to rediscover what lies at the heart of laïcité, the possibility of being able to believe as not to believe, in order to preserve national cohesion and the possibility of having free consciousness.” He declined to reveal further information about the plan.”

Could it be that he just didn’t actually know what the hell he was saying?

About the only thing Manu is clear on is that he is rabidly pro-EU. Why wouldn’t he be?

France has done very nicely out of the whole sorry mess, clawing in 96% of all CAP funding, and refusing access to migrants from newly-admitted European nations, given a big seat at the big table, refusing to comply with any ruling which interfered with France’s ‘little ways’, and all for less than half the financial contribution of Britain. In order of annual contribution to Juncker’s drinks cabinet, sums are as follows: Germany €14.3 billion, United Kingdom €11.5 billion, France €5.5 billion. And they didn’t even put that in the pot until l992 – and then they rioted in horror at the very idea.

The only thing likely to trigger ‘Frexit’ is the loss of Britain’s funding, which will end the halcyon days of French one-goat cheese artisans financing their pretentions out of the pockets of the British.

No wonder little Manu is gnashing his teeth about Brexit.

The French could probably handle Manu strutting around the world insulting all and sundry – he is especially rude to Africans, who he appears to detest – but not having the mannerisms of an 8 year old.

Trudeau has become his ‘special friend’, a bromance which has been widely parodied, and he has been filmed lecturing a teenager who called him ‘Manu’, on the correct way to address such an important man as King Manu – not in the manner of an older, pompous man, but like a fellow adolescent jealously guarding his important job of sharpening the pencils for teacher.
Surely nobody under 25 will vote for him now?

manny and justin

Manu is making himself look ridiculous and emasculated, and this is something which the French, who take themselves very seriously indeed, find intolerable.

His stunt of taking questions while sitting on a gilded velvet throne has not gone unpunished by the French, an artistic people who have responded in the way only the French can by creating elaborate effigies to burn.

Hats off to them, say I: we Brits tend to produce a balloon on a stick to represent our leaders at demonstrations, but perhaps that’s because that’s what our leaders tend to look like.

manu 4

It’s best not to needlessly annoy people whose national anthem translates as follows, especially so close to Bastille Day:

Let’s go, children of the fatherland, the day of glory is here!
Against us stands tyranny – it’s bloody standard is raised!
Listen to the sound in the fields
The howling of these fearsome soldiers!
They are coming into our midst
To cut the throats of your sons and wives!
To arms, citizens!
Form your barricades!
March, march, let the impure blood water the furrows of our fields!

manu 6

Manu was elected to confound Marine Le Pen – always silly, voting for what you don’t want just because you don’t want something else even more.
We could have told them that – we do it all the time, and the results are always as substandard as the candidate.
He is also an example of what happens when a 2nd vote gives globalists a chance to discover what needs to be tweaked in order to obstruct populists (which is precisely why Remain, here, want a 2nd referendum.)

History in Europe runs on a loop: our identities are so fixed after thousands of years, that this destiny is inescapable.
This is just one of the reasons that we cannot be confined and rendered uniform beige by the EU, which is of course itself a repetition – the German Hat Trick, a third attempt to dominate Europe in a single century.

Manu appears to be channelling the most annoying aspects of French history. There was not one, but three previous rulers of France called Napoleon, who didn’t hesitate to reinstate the monarchy, and spent their tenures provoking rage in every nation they encountered, including the shiny new USA: it ended with Prussian troops marching down the Champs Elysée.

Heartbroken Angela will probably be too busy trying to remove the knife which her own coalition has plunged between her shoulder blades, to pull that particular stunt, but that doesn’t mean that King Manu is safely out of the wood, because sadly for Manu, the mad old women who have been running the show are rapidly being replaced by alpha-males, who see him as something of a joke.

Trump, the ultimate Silver-back, has tended to treat Manu with fatherly affection, as an amiable child. But with King Manu’s ego being inflated by what he perceives as conquest, and with him repeatedly spitting the word populism like a French-accented four-letter word, it’s only a matter of time before he insults The Don, and gets decisively sat on.

And then, even being immortalised in colouring books won’t save him.


The Good Fight

Yesterday thousands of decent people who love freedom, democracy, their children, and their nation, marched in London in the sunshine, arriving on tickets paid for with difficulty, on their only day off, and they sang “Britons never shall be slaves”, a song written by two young Scots, which celebrates the union of the the British people, and their commitment to ending the slave trade despite the personal cost to them.
They sang and spoke in defence of freedoms which do not always offer them privileges, but which give justice to all. Of all colours and faiths they gathered to defend the right to disagree, to simply be, freely.

The state-sponsored media – having learned that they can’t hide this stuff completely – reported it a little but not too much, and balanced it with a breathless account of a mass of woefully, wilfully ignorant upper-middle-class people with little to do and plenty of money, who are outraged that the People dared to disagree with them and threaten their source of cheap labour.
And these were protesting on behalf of a Capo who delivered his own men, women and children to be experimented on by Mengele, starved and worked to a slow death, or choked on fumes of Zyklon B and then incinerated and their bones ploughed into the stinking soil.

That Capo – George Soros – bank-rolls Gina Miller’s husband, and funds the attempt to overthrow western democracy and civilisation.

The Remainiacs frothed in rabid desire for the despotism designed by Walter Hallstein, Nazi lawyer and protege of Hitler, Hallstein who drafted the blood and honour codes of the Nuremberg laws which outlawed marriage between different races, designated most people untermenchen – sub-human – and legitimised the spines of twins being opened by lunatics in order to stitch them together in perverted medical experiments.

They shrieked in admiration for an abomination – the Europäischenwirtschaftsgemeinschaft (European Economic Community) which was the post-war plan made by the 3rd Reich in l942, even as it consigned millions to the flames, and sent it’s brainwashed pilots with guide-books to pulverise the historical landmarks of Europe, and strafe the lines of women, children, and elderly people fleeing death on a thousand roads in the broken continent.

The Remainiacs were massed in defence of the ideals of Oswald Moseley, traitor to the British, who wanted Britain, and the British, to be forever subservient to the Nazis, and formed his own party after WW2 – Europe A Nation. The Remainiacs crowded into the streets of the city they want to be reduced to a 3rd world hell hole in punishment for Britain’s defiance, and they draped themselves in the flag of the enemy and demanded that they be forbidden to protest, or speak their truth, or vote, or have control of their laws or boundaries.

Remainiacs are Nazis. They openly adore the greatest moral putrefaction ever known to man. Oh, how proud they must be.

I wonder if they realise that their faces are public, and that their immortality is fixed now?

As relevant as the Flat Earth Society – but half as much fun – they shrieked and yowled for an end to everything which raises mankind above the servile, all the time thinking they are superior to the ‘deplorables’ who desire enlightenment values and the Rights of Man.

The western world is now engaged in an existential struggle against the greatest evils ever to infest us, and we must win – losing is not an option if we are not to sink into a new Dark Age. The gathered masses of the enemy under their blue flag are a direct challenge to humanity itself and must be overcome, driven from every position of authority and control.

The patriotic political leaders who spoke to the decent people who sang of an end to slavery, had it bang-to-rights: organise politically. Never, never vote for any of the now-discredited main-stream political parties. Form a barricade against them, which can’t be denied.

The EU – fossil of evil – must be destroyed. It is not enough to leave. Such an evil must not be allowed to continue to exist.

Personally, from a practical point of view, given our First Past The Post election system, I believe this means that the parties of patriotism should put love of nation and people ahead of ego, gather under the UKIP banner, oust the remnants of those who grovelled to the mainstream, ensure a united front which clears parliament’s benches of all those who support Moseley’s sick fantasy of subservience.
UKIP has the infrastructure in place to hose down and muck out the Commons.

If the UK referendum on EU membership had been held along the lines of a General Election, it would have been the biggest landslide win in our history.

Therefore, while this battle for our existence wages, it makes sense to support the nation by uniting under the banner which says it all: UNITED KINGDOM INDEPENDENCE PARTY.
When the revolution is won, is the time to fine-tune the details.

Meanwhile, let this be the finest hour of the post-war generations.

The sun is nearly over the yard-arm, so let all good people raise a glass:

To our children.
To our nation.
To the destruction of the beast which is devouring Europe.
To UK Independence.

To freedom.

Choose decency and honesty.

Choose peace and love.

Say NO to the Nazis.


Obama Loses the Plot

I was told yesterday that most Americans hadn’t seen the way Islamist Obama threatened Britain of the results of daring to reclaim our country from the Globalists.
The Smirking One warned us – a few weeks before being deposed – that, basically, America would be our enemy if we ceased to belong to the 4th Reich.
He made this threat to America’s truest friend and ally, even as British soldiers were dying side by side with their American brothers and sisters, in fields of war commanded by Obama himself.
As you can see from the comments, Obama probably won the Referendum for Leave, by his arrogance.
I like to think that it was that same arrogance which cost him the presidency.
Real Americans understand – because they share the same attitude – that Brits don’t take well to being bullied. We would rather die on our feet than live on our knees.
Obama didn’t realise this. Because Obama is not a real American.

The State of The Enemy

What a time to be alive, eh? We live in an age of decadence – and if you think that sounds like fun for all, think again.

Decadence definition: characterized by or reflecting a state of moral or cultural decline.

Usually, what people consider to be “decadence” would be led by an avant gard of intellectuals or artists, flamboyantly living an alternative lifestyle. But wrong again, because this is state-sponsored decadence being loudly inflicted on us in a suicidal splurge of rampant idiocy.

The attack on sanity and enlightenment values has a few notable militant groups, and they are all marked by a toxic blend of distorted reality and hypocrisy.

l. Fat activists – i.e., those who spend their lives wedged into re-enforced furniture devouring thousands of surplus calories.
I don’t care if someone wants to shovel lard and sugar down their gullet until they look like a giant inflated rubber glove and can only function when floated in a tank.

But these – they are almost exclusively female – are seriously “trying to change consciousness” so that men will find them irresistible. And not just any men, but high-status, highly attractive men, who are not themselves obese, because these obese women obey the same natural imperative as the men who find them repulsive: nobody wants to be around someone who might eat them as a snack if the fridge breaks.

2. Gender benders. The desire to couple with a woman who doesn’t look as if she is pregnant with someone else’s triplets is driven by the biological imperative to reproduce our own genes, and when it comes to fulfilling that drive, it helps to be sure whether you are a plug or a socket. This can of course easily be ascertained by a few seconds with a long-handled mirror, but the true SJW sees this as an over-simplification.

Those who while away the first few hours of their day wondering whether they identify sexually as a jar of jam or a stick of celery, are engaged in a tedious battle against their own biology. By midday they have a vague idea of what they are, and then have to decide what pro-nouns others should use to describe them. Then there is the nasty business of shouting at everyone who doesn’t comply, and then they have to get some sleep, cheeks stained with tears of rage, knowing the battle will begin all over again, come morning.
They are thus unlikely ever to find time to actually use whatever equipment they were born with.

3. Cultural separatists. Don’t you know we live in one world, we are one species, without borders, and if you don’t demand to be enriched by the alien and the strange, you are a vile bigot?
Just don’t actually eat foreign food, enjoy wearing clothes of a style first worn by foreigners, or in any other way show that you agree with the old but true statement “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

You see, according to SJWs, it’s OK for an Asian girl to bleach her hair, for a black girl to straighten her hair, and for an Indian businessman to wear a suit and tie – as long as the cultural export is one way and those showing their admiration for western looks and styling beat their breasts and bemoan these relics of colonisation.

It’s even OK for white women to have dreadlocks.
But it’s a crime for a white woman to wear a cute Chinese-style dress and look nice in it.
This is because dreadlocks are ugly, and SJWs, who are usually ugly, and disproportionately female, don’t like other women to look nice. For the same reason, they frequently convert to Islam in order to dress as the Ghost of Christmas Future while claiming inclusivity, simultaneously denying that this is cultural appropriation.

4. Snowflakes. Picture the scene: you live in a tree house without windows, lined with pink satin, in a silent forest, and you never have to leave it, because people deliver your food and it’s always exactly what you happened to want at any given point.
That is your Safe Space, and alone there, with only a spider for company, you decide that spiders have an advanced system of government called Wibble, led by a giant purple spider called King Alfred.
One day, you confidently mention this to the man who delivers your food, and he tells you you are wrong, and backs it up by bringing you a book full of citations by eminent scholars, describing the true life-cycle of spiders.
You demand that the man is shot and replaced by someone who has had his mouth closed with duct-tape. You throw the book at the food delivery man, accidentally splatting your only friend, the spider. You blame the delivery man for inciting your violence, and call upon King Alfred to bring a mighty legion of spiders from Wibble to avenge the dead one.
When this doesn’t happen, you blame the white privilege of the delivery man.

When SJWs sign up to higher education, they don’t want to be challenged, and they don’t want to learn. They want to be confirmed in whatever they currently think. They call this “progressive”, despite the fact that people with their mentality would have slaughtered the person who first designed the wheel.

5. Glorious leaders. SJWs, with their irrational beliefs and aggressive demands, have taken on aspects of a cult, and every cult needs a leader. Who better than Justin Trudeau, who embraces all worlds while rarely visiting Planet Earth? Words fail me, so to appreciate the full beauty and wisdom of the SJW’s High Priest, I offer you this.

Of course, it’s easy to laugh at Trudeau, and SJWs, but this insanity has a darker side, which is tending toward the sinister. I give you…

6. Remoaners.


When mad people claim that more are fewer in value and democracy shouldn’t exist unless it is a democracy which rubber stamps their personal desires, then we’re not on a slippery slope any more, we have landed at the bottom and we are going to have a hell of a job getting ourselves out of the hole.

Remoaners may look funny – they are funny, just look at the state of them – but they are confidently denying a social advance which took centuries of enlightenment and millions of deaths to win.

This is no laughing matter. These people are wilfully destroying the only thing which stands between us and the need to put heads on spikes. Out of sheer arrogance, they risk triggering civil war, because naturally, we have a duty to pass on to our children and grandchildren a full and active democracy.

Without democracy, atrocities such as that planned for Ireland – Project 2040, the actual genocide of the 4.7 million Irish population, by one million Islamist males aged l8 – 40, who outnumber Irish males of similar age – will be easy to carry out.

At the moment, while democracy still hangs by a thread, the EUIrish government have to lie about the project, and demand a soft border between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland, so as to reassure the nervous that they will be able to smuggle the savages over the border in the event that things get too messy and the Irish try to do to their government what their government so richly deserves.

And Remoaners, and SJWs, mad as they are, funny as they look, will find ready excuses for the current attempt by the EUSSR – which is the well-spring of the Globalist toxin they feed on – to finally and forever silence any dissenting voice raised even in the privacy of our own homes, or between friends.

Such is the insanity now rife – the decadence – that we are told that violent, masked fascists are protesters for peace and freedom, and, under this new EUSSR legislation – which we know will be voted through by a process of persistently making MEPS vote until they agree – we will no longer have proof of anything to the contrary: this video which proves that they attend protests armed with nail-guns and use them to kill horses, will be taken down, for example.

But we probably won’t encounter Antifa anyway, when our voices and thoughts are silenced, because we will be unable to organise resistance or dissent, and all will be peacefully tragic, in the State of The Enemy.


Rise up. While we still can.

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