Night Of The Blunt Knives

The Europäischen Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft’s woman in Westminster, Theresa May, put her proposal for the reduction of Britain to a vassal state, to the vote last night, having accepted amendments out of terror of an open revolt among her own party.

It’s illegal to carry anything sharper than a plastic spoon in Kreepy Kaliph Khan’s corpse-strewn London now, so although the two sides of the House of Commons were designed with two sword-lengths between them to avoid arguments getting out of hand, it was unlikely to end up with blood on the benches.

Nevertheless, patriotic believers in democracy are fighting the 4th Reich on all fronts. The only reason Druncker Juncker hasn’t sent the tanks in, is that he doesn’t have access to any – yet. (Give it time. The EU army which Remain claimed was a “fantasy” is already taking it’s first baby-steps and will soon be looking for rebels to cut it’s teeth on.)

While the majority of British voters want to be independent, and Cameron couldn’t swing the vote in favour of Remain despite allowing EUI-rish residents and Gibraltarians to vote, a full 2/3 of MPs – 4th Reich Stooges to a carefully selected male/female ratio – are against the will of the people, waving that ugly blue and yellow flag on behalf of their unelected Fuhrers.

Meanwhile, Whatsapp Brexit guerillas plot strategy to deliver the democratic vote, as the people take to the streets on an almost daily basis now, flexing muscles, show-casing what will happen if that democratic vote is ignored.

It’s a game of nerves, with project fear resurrected, shrieks of apocalypse, and the world’s 6th largest economy, thousand-year sovereign nation, oldest democracy and best friend of the USA , to play for.

And, like the proverbial fart in a space-suit, quisling May’s toxic misrule lingers on, wafting slowly toward it’s inevitable conclusion.

In the end, veteran Labour Brexiteers, staying with the values of true Labour, delivered a 3-vote win for amendments which are in our interests and therefore anathema to the 4th Reich and Remain Traitors – brilliantly thought out by unlikely resistance-leader Jacob Rees Mogg.

Naturally the Remain Traitors, eager to suckle at the EU’s withered teat, were devastated that Capo Soros and rancid gold-digger Gina Miller weren’t able to swing this one for them.

Justine Greening, Traitor, stupidly showed how stupid she thinks we all are, with her Cunning Plan for a 2nd Referendum to split the Leave party into Soft and Hard, with a 3rd option for Remain, in practice almost undoubtedly making Remain the biggest single group.

Anna Soubry, Traitor, despoiler of the memorial to The Few at Biggin Hill, taking a break from bar-duty, held the floor for a ridiculous length of time.
Soubry was famously seen in Parliament Square the day after the referendum, wailing and whirling like a bleached-blonde Lady Macbeth, hysterically snowflake-rousing. Last night she spent interminable minutes ranting that those who believe in delivering the Brexit the people voted for should have already been silenced. (Oh yeah, Soubry? Who by?)

And the Common Purpose-infested Electoral Commission tried to criminalise the Brexit vote.

But the amendments passed. Just. Proving yet again that what’s needed in British Parliament isn’t a reshuffle: it’s a hundred gallons of strong disinfectant and several high-pressure hoses.

Trump was right when he said the EU are the foe. They are the rancid relic of every foul ideology to infest the 20th century, causing the deaths of millions upon millions of people. And hundreds of them are squatting on benches in our Houses of Parliament.

Will the 4th Reich refuse these terms? They have already said they will, because as a general rule, anything the EU or Remain Traitors approve of is bad for us. So it’s back to the drawing board, because what they want to avoid is a walk-away, and any negotiator who wasn’t a traitor would use that to our advantage.

Traitor May has called an early holiday for parliament, to avoid a leadership challenge, which can’t be rushed: if they try too soon while some are too timorous to rock the boat, and then fail to get rid of the quisling, they have to wait another year under her toxic misrule before trying again.

While this delivers the outrage of having an actual traitor scuttling around Number Ten, in the pause between now and hanging her out to dry, the estimable Jacob Rees Mogg and his fellow Freedom Fighters can hopefully use her fear of removal to keep whittling down the bill to our own wants, each more likely to be rejected by other traitors occupying other palaces of office in other nations in occupied Europe, leading us to the no-deal-no-alimony exit through which we should already have walked.



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