In the name of God, go!

There are many evil things in this world, but few are more entirely so than a traitor.

A traitor not only risks the deaths and steals the inheritance of every living inhabitant of a nation, but murders it’s posterity and it’s past: the hopes of every as-yet-unborn child, the efforts, the ideas, the life-work of all the millions upon millions who built that nation down the long centuries.

Such a creature deserves to suffer the full weight of the law which, until only 20 years ago, was the death penalty – and it is the only crime for which I would personally support hanging.

It was Tony Blair who, in l998, ended the death penalty for treason in Britain; a self-protective measure, as he was already engaged in that crime.

And now the worst, the most direct and blatant traitor crouches like a toxic spider in Ten Downing street. That traitor must be removed, by whatever means are necessary.

Theresa May showed plans for our reduction to vassal state to her chosen Fuhrer, Merkel before showing them to her own government, who she essentially held hostage as they were threatened – confiscating phones and smart watches – then failed to give parliament the long and vital white paper they were supposed to vote on.

In line with her ridiculous threat to make dissenting ministers walk home, phoneless and watchless, there have even been suggestions of threats of removal of constituency funding for rebellious back-benchers.

No other evidence of treason is necessary, and yet, if it were needed, Traitor May provided it.

Ridiculously susceptible to male flattery, she lapped up Donald Trump’s compliments; cunning but stupid, she failed to take on board the threat – we must have full, free, open trade – nor has she seen the implications of his accurate description of the EU as a foe to America.

With only the compliments ringing in her ears, as her cabinet falls apart and the letters demanding her removal pile up, she confidently issued her vilest open threat: the government must accept her plotted, total destruction of our nation, our people and our democracy to the plan laid down by our enemies in l942, or she will totally ignore the biggest democratic mandate of our entire history and we will, as she always wished, remain a full member of the EU.

I don’t think Traitor May has thought this through. When a democratic choice is made, it must be obeyed. To refuse to do so is an open declaration of war on the people, and we have every right to use force to overthrow the government which declares war on the people.

May surrounded herself with Remainers, never dreaming that there are Remainers who, unlike her, did not gleefully envisage the destruction of Britain, but voted to stay in what, on the information they had, appeared to be the best interests of a country they love. But many of these Remainers also love Democracy, and so want to honestly deliver Democracy’s verdict.

Tory Vice Chairman and  MP for Mansfield Ben Bradley, who voted Remain in the EU referendum in June 2016, has given up his post in outrage at May’s betrayal of Democracy and Nation, writing in his resignation letter:

 “Being tied to EU regulations and the EU tying our hands when seeking to make new trade agreements will be the worst of all worlds. If we do not deliver Brexit in spirit as well as in name, then we are handing Jeremy Corbyn the keys to Number 10. I cannot with any sincerity defend this course to my electorate.”

And ministerial aide Robert Courts quit, tweeting that he wanted to “express discontent with #Chequers in votes tomorrow”.

The MP for Witney and West Oxon – David Cameron’s successor – added: “I had to think who I wanted to see in the mirror for the rest of my life. I cannot tell the people of WOxon that I support the proposals in their current form”.

And today, Scott Mann, the MP for North Cornwall, became the latest Conservative MP to resign a government post. Mann, a parliamentary private secretary at the Treasury, said in his resignation letter: “Elements of the Brexit white paper will inevitably put me in direct conflict with the views expressed by a large section of my constituents.”

When both Remain and Brexit ministers rebel, Traitor May should take notice.

And when the Minister for The Nineteenth Century himself, Jacob Rees Mogg, darling of so many, but without the personal ambition to be Prime Minister, finally – in his own, impeccably courteous manner – declares Theresa May to be a long-term liar and traitor, the chorus of Ding, Dong, The Witch is Dead can almost be heard echoing around the palace of Westminster.

Here is his piece for The Express, yesterday, in full, and I urge everyone to read it because it is one of the most memorable, most polite, most perfect, most bullet-proof, most deadly denunciations of treason ever made:

“When Theresa May dropped her Social Care plans from the Conservative Party manifesto in the middle of the election campaign last year she announced that “nothing had changed” and the “basic principles” remained in place.

It was not an entirely accurate description of events.

Now, following the Chequers proposals and the White Paper on leaving the European Union, a similar mantra is dutifully recited.

Apparently, we are still taking back control of our laws, money and borders. Yet this is so different a way from that previously set out by the Prime Minister as in truth to mean that we will do no such thing.

In the Mansion House speech, delivered by Mrs May as recently as March 2, 2018, a more consistent vision for Brexit was set out.

Since then the Prime Minister has been in headlong retreat but in an oddly secretive manner, so that even key Secretaries of State did not know.

In the Mansion House speech, five tests for the deal were set: The first was that the referendum was a vote to take control of our borders, laws and money.

In the White Paper this test has failed, as the common rule book is misnamed.

It is not common, it is the EU rule book which we will have to follow or face penalties.

As for borders and money the statements in the paper are vague and the proposed arrangements for European immigration sufficiently broad to allow for free movement to continue.

The second test was endurance, that the agreement must last.

If this test were met then the UK would follow the common rule book for decades to come.

On the other hand, were the nation to escape, which is indicated in some of the briefings, then the test is not met.

Hence it is either perpetual vassalage or the test fails.

Next Mrs May wants to protect jobs and security, a noble aim but her means of doing it is wrong.

She wants to bind the nation into the failing economic model of the EU rather than open it to the growth in the rest of the world.

Ninety per cent of future economic growth is expected to come from outside the EU.

The fourth test is in many ways a statement of motherhood and apple pie, it wants us to be a nation of explorers but has less to do with government and more with the spirit of enterprise of the people.

However, it did suggest the UK should be “confident of our own place in the world”.

Alas the White Paper is timorous, fearing that Brussels will not accept a real Brexit and, therefore, lacking the courage to ask for it.

The final test is that it should “strengthen our union of nations and our union of people” yet instead it has infuriated voters across the country who feel their vote to leave is being ignored.

The questions that arise are, why has the Mansion House speech been abandoned and when?

The desire for “a comprehensive system of mutual recognition” gone, the ability to do trade deals restricted and control of our laws surrendered.

The timing is interesting because it must have been some time ago.

White Papers and 120page documents for the Cabinet are not drawn up overnight and there must have been some sleight of hand in this because David Davis’s department did not know.

It was drawing up its own White Paper, one which set out an approach in line with Government policy.

There would have been compromises but Brexit would have been assured in fact as well as name.

This was a waste of time and money because Downing Street was surreptitiously writing its own paper.

This is, at best, an untrusting way to behave and a more severe commentator would call it untrustworthy.

This, sadly, is the heart of the matter – exacerbated by the reported comments by the PM’s chief of staff that the Irish border does not matter so much and that she always wanted a soft Brexit.

The Chequers U-turn, the failure of the Mansion House test and abandonment of “Brexit means Brexit” have broken trust.

It would have been more straightforward to admit that no real Brexit was the intention all along rather than trying to gull Brexiteers.

Perhaps we ought to have realised earlier on that a Remainer would stick with Remain.”

What the Traitor May wants to do – her Baldrick-style, ‘cunning plan’ – is to make ‘leaving’ so intolerable that we either cave in and Remain, or accept the Democratic betrayal always demanded by the fascist EU – a 2nd Referendum.

Far from being a confirmation of Democracy, a second vote merely reduces the first, honest vote, to a test case, showing them which areas need to be rigged.

Second votes are as inherently anti-democratic as the EU itself.

eu Stalin

Theresa May was worse than useless as a Home Secretary – she is directly responsible for the rape and murder of thousands.
As a party leader she has been a tyrant; as representative of this nation abroad she has been an embarrassment; as a Prime Minister she has been a foul quisling who risks civil unrest in deference to her EU overlords.

May is a particular product of the political correctness which has seen many an incompetent idiot given power beyond their abilities.
No doubt she would have been a superb secretary to David Cameron – keeping the filing up to date, bullying the junior clerical staff, warding off unwanted callers.

She should never have been placed in any position of real power: she has the personal charm of an anthrax enema, the dignity of a village idiot, and delivers speeches in the manner of one being held at gun-point while gargling vomit.

But she has, throughout her toxic career, been promoted due to the need to put a percentage of women in public posts, and she got the Top Job after the referendum, when opposed by another woman, because Andrea Leadsome said that she, as a mother and grandmother, had a stake in the future which childless Theresa May lacks: Andrea spoke the truth in an era when it is considered better to lie – an era when the existence of a nation must be sacrificed to the pretended offence taken by traitors.

The conservatives have all the letters they need to force a vote of confidence. They will never be elected again unless they get rid of Traitor May and replace her and her entire cabinet with Brexiteers who do as our ex-colonies did: declare independence and get us out of the EU, taking Trump’s advice to sue that infestation for costs incurred. And they must act now, or the nation’s oldest political party will be dead.

But what is more vital is that our thousand year history as a sovereign state must not end as a result of such a worthless creature as Theresa May.

It remains to be seen whether this traitor can be forced to suffer the fullest penalty of the law in respect of her crimes. Certainly, it’s to be hoped that her prosecution will be a feature of the UKIP government which will be elected if the Conservatives remain so cowardly as to not replace her.

If we are not fully independent – as if the EU had never existed – by March 29th 20l9 then she most certainly deserves, and will, I sincerely hope, receive, “the full Cromwell” – so to her, and her nest of fellow traitors on both sides of the House, I quote that great man now:

You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately… Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!


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