Remainers still don’t get it. They still have no idea why most people want to leave the EU. And their contempt for their own nation and the other nations of Europe is tragic.

According to the rhetoric of the elitists and their minions, poor little Britain can’t survive as an independent nation. Tonga, yes:Britain, no.

Clearly this is ridiculous: of course we can, and will. The hair-tearing and detail picking, the ludicrous hand-wringing wail of it being impossible to untangle 40 years of legislation from a 960 year old nation, are only an attempt to keep the EU, and therefore the perks of the elitists – power without accountability, money without end – intact.

For those who are interested in finance, at the bottom of this I post a link to an article by an economist; for those interested in power, there is another article on that subject.

I find it strange that Remainers so often base their choice to remain subject to the EU, on economics. Would they stay in a miserable marriage, simply to have someone else pay the bills? And how can they – as they so often do – deride Britain for having been a colonial power, while claiming it bothers them that we will be powerless on leaving? This is pure hypocrisy.

I’m not going to argue the points of economics, or of power, because when I stood up in my village hall and spoke for Brexit, when I lined up to vote for Leave, I did it simply for love of my nation, for the people of my nation to make their own choices, enjoy their own opportunities, have neighbours, not reluctant fellow provinces.

As well as loving my own country, I love the Europe which gained freedom from the Soviet Bloc: whatever our differences, I love the varied ‘box of chocolates’ which is the real Europe, and my heart aches to see it being rolled like a lump of old Plasticine into an ugly, uniform beige.

I chose Leave out of love for the concept of freedom itself, without which, nothing else matters.

Unsurprisingly for an instrument of government designed by Nazi lawyer Walter Hallstein, the EU has no understanding of the concept of freedom. As demonstrated in this video, they appear to think that “autonomy” can be graciously drip-fed at the whim of others.

This is nonsense: autonomy is an absolute; self-determination is by it’s very nature declared and taken, not gifted. By floating the idea of “allowing” us a little of what they think we want, they only underline how much they have taken.

To use the analogy of an unhappy marriage again, this is like a domineering husband ‘allowing’ his wife to choose her own clothes.

Talking of bullies, I don’t like a bully, and the EU is a bully. As with all bullies, when challenged their knee-jerk reaction is to shove harder, to threaten, not discuss. Bullies should be defied, not obeyed, and the moment anyone shows themselves to have the desire to dominate, is the time to leave.

Bullies are generally pretty stupid, blinded by their belief in their own power, and so, while the EU thinks that by threatening and bullying us it will warn off others who want to leave, in fact it has the opposite effect, as shown in the rise of populism and patriotism since Brexit.

As the second largest contributor to the EU, Britain is being watched by the smaller nations as the EU tries to overturn our old democracy. They are taking notes, and the EU’s treatment of us is causing the EU to implode even before it’s predicted death-by-Brexit.

Because make no mistake, when we leave, the EU will die. The three biggest annual contributors are Germany, at £14 billion per year, the UK at £12 billion, and, dragging behind, France, at £5.5 billion.
It’s not easy to replace £1 billion per month, and most of the member states are only willing to sell their souls for the funding they’ve received at our expense.

They simply cannot afford to make up the difference, even if they wanted to. This is not what they signed up to, and of course, Merkel’s insanity in telling the population of Africa that they only have to arrive in a leaky boat and they can live off Europe ad infinitum, and her mistake in showing just who is Fuhrer by threatening nations who won’t take in their quota and prevent Germans from wanting to lynch her, has underlined that it’s time to cut and run.

They, too, love their countries.

Every nation in Europe has paid the price for previous ambitions to force upon them a variety of one-world fantasies. It’s time to draw a line under the 20th century social experiments, once and for all, and return to a time of diplomacy, independence, and love of culture.

The traitors in our government have dithered and thrashed in their attempts to bind us to Hallstein’s Monster – so much so, and for so long, that, rightly, it now looks as if there will very likely be a ‘no deal’ Brexit, which is as it should be.

It’s called “Leave”. And it’s what we voted for.





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