Practical Civil Disobedience For Beginners

The state doesn’t work within the law – ultimately, it works within the laws which we allow. Those laws must be sensible and ethical. Think about it: if the government decreed that we must all walk backward, we would disobey, because it makes no sense. And if they ordered us to kill our sick loved ones to save the NHS money, we would refuse because it is unethical.

We are under no obligation to do what is nonsensical and wrong. In fact, our moral obligation is to remove a government which orders us to do such things. The greatest atrocities in human history occur when people ignore their moral obligation to differentiate between civic duty, and blind submission.

We currently live in a country where our democratic decisions are refused, our rights of free speech are overturned, our territory and culture is being given away to people whose mission is to replace us, and our law-enforcement is dedicated to hiding attempts to commit atrocities upon us, and our loved ones. They have incarcerated Tommy Robinson, and are releasing Anjem Choudary. None of these behaviours are sensible and ethical. By these last two things alone, our government have declared themselves the enemy of the majority population.

Why, then, would we prolong this situation, and ignore our moral obligation, by complying with those who command us to do what is not sensible and ethical? Why would we comply with our enemy?

Civil disobedience is the most effective method of overturning a political class which makes nonsensical and unethical demands and works to harm the people.

Think of the Poll Tax: co-ordinated street protest created a sense of unity and confirmed people-power in a physical, practical sense, and police reaction to the protestors confirmed the unethical nature of law enforcement.
And behind the scenes, people co-ordinated to disrupt the authorities by delaying registration, delaying submission of forms, sending back forms defaced, contesting demands for payment, and finally, delaying or refusing payment altogether.

The system became unworkable, the Poll Tax was dropped, and the government deposed it’s leader. A total win.
All this depended on organisation and collusion between dissidents – and then, they didn’t have the methods for instant communication which we have now.

We can do the same, at this time of crisis, on a world-wide scale. But it starts with the individual, who must spread the word, and ask others to join. And it starts with getting informed, organised, having a clear plan of action, and using psychological tactics to create the desired impression.

Ideas For Civil Disobedience

Marches and public demonstrations are vital: these can be shared online and will show the strength of public feeling which will attract others to the cause, as well as showing governments what they are up against. However, getting to them is also expensive and difficult, and inconvenient, say, for parents.
So, form car-pools, pool funds to hire transport, make block coach/train bookings, arrange baby-sitting/pet-sitting circles.

To create an impression of an organised ‘people’s army’ some shared clothing is useful – even something as inexpensive as a MBGA baseball cap would achieve this – and ex-servicemen wearing their uniforms conveys a powerful message. Flags are a powerful symbol, and the more the merrier. If they are of different kinds, it gives an impression of many groups being opposed to the government.
These things also offer a sense of anonymity to those who are concerned about being persecuted by employers, etc.

Besides marches, there are other ways in which people can demonstrate, cause financial harm to those who oppose us, and ultimately, bring down systems.

It goes without saying, email your MP and ask him/her to stand up in parliament and demand the release of Tommy Robinson, the re-incarceration of Anjem Choudary, and an immediate ‘no deal’ Brexit, warning the MP that, unless this is done, he will lose your support.

MP won’t comply? Make the MP’s name and party public, spread the word that he/she is an enemy of the British people, democracy and free speech, and a friend to the EU, Islamist terrorism and Sharia – and so is anyone who votes for that MP or party. Set up a petition on the government petitions website, calling for that MPs dismissal. Yes, it will be thrown out, but it will have to be dealt with, and it will cause hassle and make a point.

Imagine you make your feelings ultra-clear by sending a print-out of the picture of Tommy Robinson with the banned speech, to Sajiv Javid, perhaps with the message YOU ARE NOT ON OUR SIDE. Now imagine him receiving thousands of these.
It’s Traitor May’s birthday on lst October: send her a birthday card with that picture and message on it. Again, imagine thousands of these arriving.

Above all, the idea is to disrupt those who oppose us and that takes research and co-operation, and putting aside small differences of opinion in the interests of bringing down a shared enemy. The key is joint action.

For example: stop paying your BBC licence fee. Write to them, and explain your reasons. It’s as simple as that. They want to employ BAME only? Let’s see them fund themselves on BAME only licence-payments.

Stop using Twitter – use only Gab, or other networks dedicated to free speech. Twitter is co-owned by a California ‘liberal’ and a Saudi Prince. Spreading information there is tantamount to the French Resistance running their plans past the Gestapo. Also, if every conservative leaves Twitter, it will mess up their advertising revenue and share-price, and eventually shut them down. Each Twitter account helps to keep them afloat.

BBC and Twitter are our enemy: why fund them?

Netflix is owned by Soros – declared enemy of western civilisation. Watch something else. Why put money in the pocket of the most evil man in the world?

Taxes: dispute taxes, drag your heels about paying, and demand to know why you should pay to support welfare for migrants, foreign aid, EU funding, a police force and legal system which do not defend your rights, and a parliament which does not carry out a democratic choice.

Type the name of any business into Wikipedia and you will be able to find out who owns it. A little more ‘googling’ and you’ll be able to find out their religion and politics. Are they Remain, or Muslim? Make this known, so we can boycott them. If they are Remain – which means they are traitors – leave reviews on their products, saying why you will not be buying from them again.

Contact local supermarkets to learn their position on Halal meat. Do they sell it? Don’t buy meat there, make this public, leave reviews explaining why you will not buy meat there. Use a local butcher.

Check which products are Halal certified (this means that part of the cost supports Islamic terrorism) publicise it, leave reviews, and don’t buy it. For example, Marmite and Cadburys chocolate are Halal certified.

Getting a take-away via something like Just Eat? Look for the Halal sign. Muslims think toilet paper is haram. Do you want to eat food prepared by someone who wipes with his bare hand?

Clothing company Boo Hoo, which is owned by Muslims, orders that none of it’s staff take any pork product into their place of work, no ham sandwiches, etc. This is an insult to our culture, and an infringement of liberty. Don’t buy from them. Tell them why. Make this public.

Learn who owns the media: don’t buy or read any left-wing publication. Every ‘click’ adds to their advertising revenue. And they are not always obvious: for example, the Daily Mail is owned by Viscount Rothermere, a rabid Remainer and mate of David Cameron. Boycott them, publicise it, and tell them why.

But before you go, check out who advertises in Remain press: contact them, tell them why you will not be buying their product, publicise this.

The arts are a nest of Remain-traitors and left-wing idiocy – from J K Rowling to Benedict Cumberbatch and a thousand in between. Check out who demands that we take in refugees, or who supported Remain.

The famous “luvvies list” of 250 artists, writers, musicians, who demanded we vote Remain, is a starting point – google it. Write to them – most have a website – telling them why you will no longer watch their films, read their books or listen to their music; and if you do a little more investigation, you will be able to find the names of the production companies, publishers, etc, who employ them. Again, contact, to let them know why you will no longer finance their ‘product’.

Do not physically harm, or threaten to physically harm, any individual unless in self-defence, or damage private property. This risks your criminalisation, and gives our movement a bad name.

Above all, remain positive, act positive: they want to demoralise and depress us. To be negative, and to moan that we are helpless, is to give them what they want.

We are the majority: we have immense power. We can make or break careers. We can bankrupt those who support our enemies. Each time we do one of these things, we strike a blow for freedom and western civilisation: each time we don’t do one of these things, we effectively sign a petition calling for our own destruction.

If you think about it, while all this might seem complicated, it could all be done in a single weekend with the aid of a laptop.

Not much of a sacrifice, to save a country.

Rise up. And tear down every EU flag you see.

patriot rare


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  1. Reblogged this on The Tin Foil Hat Society and commented:
    This. If every one of us did only one of these things it would tip the tide. Yes I am in America but it applies equally to our particular businesses and government officials as well.


    1. Exactly – and it must be done, if we are not to sink. The same applies right across the western world which is being sold out by people who are so far removed from the reality of our lives, that they believe they can act without experiencing the fall out of their actions. We should all dedicate a few hours to working out what we can do to bring these people down. And then stick to it. There is a new group (not set up by me) on Gab, called Civil Disobedience UK for exchange of ideas.

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