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With the Kingdom under the beige heel of the Four Lords of Nowhere, the Crooked Lady betraying the Kingdom at every turn, the Sea-devils at the gates, and the Silence enforced by the Guardians, what can save the Kingdomers but the return of their Viking Spirit?

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Night Of The Blunt Knives

The Europäischen Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft’s woman in Westminster, Theresa May, put her proposal for the reduction of Britain to a vassal state, to the vote last night, having accepted amendments out of terror of an open revolt among her own party.

It’s illegal to carry anything sharper than a plastic spoon in Kreepy Kaliph Khan’s corpse-strewn London now, so although the two sides of the House of Commons were designed with two sword-lengths between them to avoid arguments getting out of hand, it was unlikely to end up with blood on the benches.

Nevertheless, patriotic believers in democracy are fighting the 4th Reich on all fronts. The only reason Druncker Juncker hasn’t sent the tanks in, is that he doesn’t have access to any – yet. (Give it time. The EU army which Remain claimed was a “fantasy” is already taking it’s first baby-steps and will soon be looking for rebels to cut it’s teeth on.)

While the majority of British voters want to be independent, and Cameron couldn’t swing the vote in favour of Remain despite allowing EUI-rish residents and Gibraltarians to vote, a full 2/3 of MPs – 4th Reich Stooges to a carefully selected male/female ratio – are against the will of the people, waving that ugly blue and yellow flag on behalf of their unelected Fuhrers.

Meanwhile, Whatsapp Brexit guerillas plot strategy to deliver the democratic vote, as the people take to the streets on an almost daily basis now, flexing muscles, show-casing what will happen if that democratic vote is ignored.

It’s a game of nerves, with project fear resurrected, shrieks of apocalypse, and the world’s 6th largest economy, thousand-year sovereign nation, oldest democracy and best friend of the USA , to play for.

And, like the proverbial fart in a space-suit, quisling May’s toxic misrule lingers on, wafting slowly toward it’s inevitable conclusion.

In the end, veteran Labour Brexiteers, staying with the values of true Labour, delivered a 3-vote win for amendments which are in our interests and therefore anathema to the 4th Reich and Remain Traitors – brilliantly thought out by unlikely resistance-leader Jacob Rees Mogg.

Naturally the Remain Traitors, eager to suckle at the EU’s withered teat, were devastated that Capo Soros and rancid gold-digger Gina Miller weren’t able to swing this one for them.

Justine Greening, Traitor, stupidly showed how stupid she thinks we all are, with her Cunning Plan for a 2nd Referendum to split the Leave party into Soft and Hard, with a 3rd option for Remain, in practice almost undoubtedly making Remain the biggest single group.

Anna Soubry, Traitor, despoiler of the memorial to The Few at Biggin Hill, taking a break from bar-duty, held the floor for a ridiculous length of time.
Soubry was famously seen in Parliament Square the day after the referendum, wailing and whirling like a bleached-blonde Lady Macbeth, hysterically snowflake-rousing. Last night she spent interminable minutes ranting that those who believe in delivering the Brexit the people voted for should have already been silenced. (Oh yeah, Soubry? Who by?)

And the Common Purpose-infested Electoral Commission tried to criminalise the Brexit vote.

But the amendments passed. Just. Proving yet again that what’s needed in British Parliament isn’t a reshuffle: it’s a hundred gallons of strong disinfectant and several high-pressure hoses.

Trump was right when he said the EU are the foe. They are the rancid relic of every foul ideology to infest the 20th century, causing the deaths of millions upon millions of people. And hundreds of them are squatting on benches in our Houses of Parliament.

Will the 4th Reich refuse these terms? They have already said they will, because as a general rule, anything the EU or Remain Traitors approve of is bad for us. So it’s back to the drawing board, because what they want to avoid is a walk-away, and any negotiator who wasn’t a traitor would use that to our advantage.

Traitor May has called an early holiday for parliament, to avoid a leadership challenge, which can’t be rushed: if they try too soon while some are too timorous to rock the boat, and then fail to get rid of the quisling, they have to wait another year under her toxic misrule before trying again.

While this delivers the outrage of having an actual traitor scuttling around Number Ten, in the pause between now and hanging her out to dry, the estimable Jacob Rees Mogg and his fellow Freedom Fighters can hopefully use her fear of removal to keep whittling down the bill to our own wants, each more likely to be rejected by other traitors occupying other palaces of office in other nations in occupied Europe, leading us to the no-deal-no-alimony exit through which we should already have walked.


In the name of God, go!

There are many evil things in this world, but few are more entirely so than a traitor.

A traitor not only risks the deaths and steals the inheritance of every living inhabitant of a nation, but murders it’s posterity and it’s past: the hopes of every as-yet-unborn child, the efforts, the ideas, the life-work of all the millions upon millions who built that nation down the long centuries.

Such a creature deserves to suffer the full weight of the law which, until only 20 years ago, was the death penalty – and it is the only crime for which I would personally support hanging.

It was Tony Blair who, in l998, ended the death penalty for treason in Britain; a self-protective measure, as he was already engaged in that crime.

And now the worst, the most direct and blatant traitor crouches like a toxic spider in Ten Downing street. That traitor must be removed, by whatever means are necessary.

Theresa May showed plans for our reduction to vassal state to her chosen Fuhrer, Merkel before showing them to her own government, who she essentially held hostage as they were threatened – confiscating phones and smart watches – then failed to give parliament the long and vital white paper they were supposed to vote on.

In line with her ridiculous threat to make dissenting ministers walk home, phoneless and watchless, there have even been suggestions of threats of removal of constituency funding for rebellious back-benchers.

No other evidence of treason is necessary, and yet, if it were needed, Traitor May provided it.

Ridiculously susceptible to male flattery, she lapped up Donald Trump’s compliments; cunning but stupid, she failed to take on board the threat – we must have full, free, open trade – nor has she seen the implications of his accurate description of the EU as a foe to America.

With only the compliments ringing in her ears, as her cabinet falls apart and the letters demanding her removal pile up, she confidently issued her vilest open threat: the government must accept her plotted, total destruction of our nation, our people and our democracy to the plan laid down by our enemies in l942, or she will totally ignore the biggest democratic mandate of our entire history and we will, as she always wished, remain a full member of the EU.

I don’t think Traitor May has thought this through. When a democratic choice is made, it must be obeyed. To refuse to do so is an open declaration of war on the people, and we have every right to use force to overthrow the government which declares war on the people.

May surrounded herself with Remainers, never dreaming that there are Remainers who, unlike her, did not gleefully envisage the destruction of Britain, but voted to stay in what, on the information they had, appeared to be the best interests of a country they love. But many of these Remainers also love Democracy, and so want to honestly deliver Democracy’s verdict.

Tory Vice Chairman and  MP for Mansfield Ben Bradley, who voted Remain in the EU referendum in June 2016, has given up his post in outrage at May’s betrayal of Democracy and Nation, writing in his resignation letter:

 “Being tied to EU regulations and the EU tying our hands when seeking to make new trade agreements will be the worst of all worlds. If we do not deliver Brexit in spirit as well as in name, then we are handing Jeremy Corbyn the keys to Number 10. I cannot with any sincerity defend this course to my electorate.”

And ministerial aide Robert Courts quit, tweeting that he wanted to “express discontent with #Chequers in votes tomorrow”.

The MP for Witney and West Oxon – David Cameron’s successor – added: “I had to think who I wanted to see in the mirror for the rest of my life. I cannot tell the people of WOxon that I support the proposals in their current form”.

And today, Scott Mann, the MP for North Cornwall, became the latest Conservative MP to resign a government post. Mann, a parliamentary private secretary at the Treasury, said in his resignation letter: “Elements of the Brexit white paper will inevitably put me in direct conflict with the views expressed by a large section of my constituents.”

When both Remain and Brexit ministers rebel, Traitor May should take notice.

And when the Minister for The Nineteenth Century himself, Jacob Rees Mogg, darling of so many, but without the personal ambition to be Prime Minister, finally – in his own, impeccably courteous manner – declares Theresa May to be a long-term liar and traitor, the chorus of Ding, Dong, The Witch is Dead can almost be heard echoing around the palace of Westminster.

Here is his piece for The Express, yesterday, in full, and I urge everyone to read it because it is one of the most memorable, most polite, most perfect, most bullet-proof, most deadly denunciations of treason ever made:

“When Theresa May dropped her Social Care plans from the Conservative Party manifesto in the middle of the election campaign last year she announced that “nothing had changed” and the “basic principles” remained in place.

It was not an entirely accurate description of events.

Now, following the Chequers proposals and the White Paper on leaving the European Union, a similar mantra is dutifully recited.

Apparently, we are still taking back control of our laws, money and borders. Yet this is so different a way from that previously set out by the Prime Minister as in truth to mean that we will do no such thing.

In the Mansion House speech, delivered by Mrs May as recently as March 2, 2018, a more consistent vision for Brexit was set out.

Since then the Prime Minister has been in headlong retreat but in an oddly secretive manner, so that even key Secretaries of State did not know.

In the Mansion House speech, five tests for the deal were set: The first was that the referendum was a vote to take control of our borders, laws and money.

In the White Paper this test has failed, as the common rule book is misnamed.

It is not common, it is the EU rule book which we will have to follow or face penalties.

As for borders and money the statements in the paper are vague and the proposed arrangements for European immigration sufficiently broad to allow for free movement to continue.

The second test was endurance, that the agreement must last.

If this test were met then the UK would follow the common rule book for decades to come.

On the other hand, were the nation to escape, which is indicated in some of the briefings, then the test is not met.

Hence it is either perpetual vassalage or the test fails.

Next Mrs May wants to protect jobs and security, a noble aim but her means of doing it is wrong.

She wants to bind the nation into the failing economic model of the EU rather than open it to the growth in the rest of the world.

Ninety per cent of future economic growth is expected to come from outside the EU.

The fourth test is in many ways a statement of motherhood and apple pie, it wants us to be a nation of explorers but has less to do with government and more with the spirit of enterprise of the people.

However, it did suggest the UK should be “confident of our own place in the world”.

Alas the White Paper is timorous, fearing that Brussels will not accept a real Brexit and, therefore, lacking the courage to ask for it.

The final test is that it should “strengthen our union of nations and our union of people” yet instead it has infuriated voters across the country who feel their vote to leave is being ignored.

The questions that arise are, why has the Mansion House speech been abandoned and when?

The desire for “a comprehensive system of mutual recognition” gone, the ability to do trade deals restricted and control of our laws surrendered.

The timing is interesting because it must have been some time ago.

White Papers and 120page documents for the Cabinet are not drawn up overnight and there must have been some sleight of hand in this because David Davis’s department did not know.

It was drawing up its own White Paper, one which set out an approach in line with Government policy.

There would have been compromises but Brexit would have been assured in fact as well as name.

This was a waste of time and money because Downing Street was surreptitiously writing its own paper.

This is, at best, an untrusting way to behave and a more severe commentator would call it untrustworthy.

This, sadly, is the heart of the matter – exacerbated by the reported comments by the PM’s chief of staff that the Irish border does not matter so much and that she always wanted a soft Brexit.

The Chequers U-turn, the failure of the Mansion House test and abandonment of “Brexit means Brexit” have broken trust.

It would have been more straightforward to admit that no real Brexit was the intention all along rather than trying to gull Brexiteers.

Perhaps we ought to have realised earlier on that a Remainer would stick with Remain.”

What the Traitor May wants to do – her Baldrick-style, ‘cunning plan’ – is to make ‘leaving’ so intolerable that we either cave in and Remain, or accept the Democratic betrayal always demanded by the fascist EU – a 2nd Referendum.

Far from being a confirmation of Democracy, a second vote merely reduces the first, honest vote, to a test case, showing them which areas need to be rigged.

Second votes are as inherently anti-democratic as the EU itself.

eu Stalin

Theresa May was worse than useless as a Home Secretary – she is directly responsible for the rape and murder of thousands.
As a party leader she has been a tyrant; as representative of this nation abroad she has been an embarrassment; as a Prime Minister she has been a foul quisling who risks civil unrest in deference to her EU overlords.

May is a particular product of the political correctness which has seen many an incompetent idiot given power beyond their abilities.
No doubt she would have been a superb secretary to David Cameron – keeping the filing up to date, bullying the junior clerical staff, warding off unwanted callers.

She should never have been placed in any position of real power: she has the personal charm of an anthrax enema, the dignity of a village idiot, and delivers speeches in the manner of one being held at gun-point while gargling vomit.

But she has, throughout her toxic career, been promoted due to the need to put a percentage of women in public posts, and she got the Top Job after the referendum, when opposed by another woman, because Andrea Leadsome said that she, as a mother and grandmother, had a stake in the future which childless Theresa May lacks: Andrea spoke the truth in an era when it is considered better to lie – an era when the existence of a nation must be sacrificed to the pretended offence taken by traitors.

The conservatives have all the letters they need to force a vote of confidence. They will never be elected again unless they get rid of Traitor May and replace her and her entire cabinet with Brexiteers who do as our ex-colonies did: declare independence and get us out of the EU, taking Trump’s advice to sue that infestation for costs incurred. And they must act now, or the nation’s oldest political party will be dead.

But what is more vital is that our thousand year history as a sovereign state must not end as a result of such a worthless creature as Theresa May.

It remains to be seen whether this traitor can be forced to suffer the fullest penalty of the law in respect of her crimes. Certainly, it’s to be hoped that her prosecution will be a feature of the UKIP government which will be elected if the Conservatives remain so cowardly as to not replace her.

If we are not fully independent – as if the EU had never existed – by March 29th 20l9 then she most certainly deserves, and will, I sincerely hope, receive, “the full Cromwell” – so to her, and her nest of fellow traitors on both sides of the House, I quote that great man now:

You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately… Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!


Just who are Fox’s Friends?

During WW2, the BBC gained it’s (now lost) reputation for being the Home of Truth, by steadily debunking the lies of the 3rd Reich. In every nation of Europe there was a core which supported Hitler – in the UK, there was Oswald Mosley – but that wasn’t the norm, and wasn’t presented as such, except by Geobbels.

In beleaguered Britain, the sneering broadcasts of Lord Haw Haw were not presented as fact, but for what they were: an attempt to undermine us in our darkest hour, to destroy morale so that we would join the Nazis in their intended new dark age.

Investigative reporters from America came to England, sat through bombing raids in which, nightly, an average of l500 British civilians died. They looked for reality and they found it – only those who had helped fund Hitler’s war machine took their news-feed from the enemy.


Fox News now stands for truth in the way the BBC – now no more than the Brussels Brainwashing Corporation – used to do.

In Fox News We Trust: but what does Fox News do, during Donald Trump’s visit to Britain, the visit which Brexiteers (i.e., the majority of the population) have longed for, for nearly two years?

Instead of actually seeking out facts, they simply pass on news-reports from the BBC and the rest of the rotten Fake News cess-pit.

Without bothering to investigate, Fox pass on the insane “news” that 250,000 British people protested against Trump on Friday l3th, in London.

There were actually no more than 20,000 largely unemployed, often mentally ill, gender-confused faux Communists, geriatric hippies and bored housewives, enjoying their habitual carnival of shrieking on behalf of the corrupt establishment which is trying to over-rule our decision to leave the EU.

This is the same number of ordinary people, real Brits, with jobs and families to care for and without money to spare, who defied threats of imprisonment – yes, it’s that bad here now – to attend a Britain Loves Trump rally, at which The Don was featured speaking on-screen, American flags were flown, and the people chanted for Trump.

This welcome however, was written off by Fox’s Friends at the BBC as a “far right rally” “ending in violence” (when masked, armed, Antifa attacked the families who had attended) – which is an attempt to ban the weekly marches of similar size which now take place, at which – yep, you guessed it – American flags are flown and the people chant for Trump.

May I remind the Lazy Fox, that the MSM described this as “a few hundred people.”?

So one rich Trustafarian liberal donated £35,000 to make a Trump balloon, and the traitor Khan allowed it to be flown as a deliberate insult? Well, in only three days, with no media coverage, the people of Britain raised more than that, to make a Khan blimp which will be flown over City Hall whether the Kreepy Kaliph likes it or not.

In Britain, we are engaged in an existential struggle, a fight for our continued existence as a nation. We are up against our entire establishment, which loves the power without accountability, wealth without end, which the 4th Reich provides them.

The embryonic EU’s first president, the man who designed it as an instrument of government, was Walter Hallstein – seen here signing the first treaty of the European Commission – the same Nazi lawyer who drafted the ‘blood and honour’ codes of the Nuremberg Laws which sent millions to the gas chambers.


This was part of a gigantic fraud carried out against the entire continent of Europe.


Britain, once again, is in the front line, and we need support, not just another news outlet which supports the enemy.


We are up against mighty forces – our own Quisling PM, Theresa May, is now threatening that if we do not accept her plan for us to be a vassal state of the 4th Reich, she will completely ignore our vote to leave. She was only elected because the alternative, Jeremy Corbyn, is a rabid Communist.

Trump is our only friend in this fight. We love him. But Fox News has decided to betray both Trump, and the people of Britain, by being a mouthpiece for the globalists.

Where once we liberated others, now we ourselves are under occupation.

The EU Disease is a worldwide phenomenon, infecting America, too – and if we fall, so do you. The EU is your enemy – we are trying to escape it, to stand as your friend.

How about actually investigating, Fox, instead of firing the enemy’s bullets for them?

Whose side are you on, anyway?

A Plan So Cunning, You Could Put A Tail On It And Call It A Weasel (with post-rally update)

So – on the occasion of a visit by the first US president to be a friend of Britain, since the slimy, smirking, apocalyptic war mongering Islamist Obama glided to office on a pink cloud of sanctimony, a gaggle of around 20,000 bored housewives, senile fossilised hippies, gender-confused wannabe communists (what would Lenin say?), and people whose mental health issues preclude them having any useful occupation other than collecting state benefits, was permitted to occupy central London, and given huge coverage by the Fake News, in an attempt to showcase their deluded hatred of both America and Britain.

Ever noticed that the SJWs only protest on weekdays? Well, it gives them some reason to get out of bed – and leaves the weekend clear for having other faux socialists round for dinner to admire pictures of the event.

REAL people, though – the real Brits who love Trump and wish he could swat Theresa May like a fly and take over Brexit negotiations – have things to do during the week, are so impassioned about their cause that they will give over their weekend to it, and so always demonstrate on a Saturday.

And it is these people, who love Britain, and love our best friend and blood brother, who have been ordered – on pain of arrest and imprisonment for a statutory three months, meaning loss of income, loss of home, and destitution of their families – that their welcome of Donald Trump, the only man on the planet wholeheartedly wishing us the Brexit we voted for, must last only one hour, and be nowhere near the American Embassy.

Violent Soros Blackshirts Antifa, and other groups which hate Brexit, are, however, being allowed a full five hours to bleat their demented nonsense.

They fear violence, apparently: well, the way to ensure violence – not only today, but on every other day, violence leading to those involved in the betrayal of our country all being inflated and flown over the capital as blimps – is to attempt to continue to “kettle” us, in every sense of the word.

What they fear, actually, is that the vast Tommy Robinson/Free Speech rally, long planned, is taking place in London today. And since those who love Britain, Trump, America, Free Speech, Free Press, and their children tend to be one and the same, the aptly named Dick – head of Met Police, and grovelling minion to Kreepy Kaliph Khan – is in terror that the full extent of the affection the people of Britain have for The Don will become evident: both demonstrations joined, as planned, will blow the SJW tantrum out of the water.

What they hope is that the pro-Trump rally will appear tiny if it’s participants are forced to choose between Free Tommy and The Don. As a “cunning plan” this demonstrates the danger of promoting people on grounds of being an ethnic minority or having a vagina, as opposed to having actual intelligence.

Because the fact is that they can’t prevent the two joining: the Welcome Trump rally which begins at lpm UK time and is forced to end at 2pm, has ample time to join the Free Tommy event being staged at Whitehall at 3pm. This allows an hour to travel between events.

The Welcome Trump organisers have been told that, if more than two people carrying pro-Trump banners make their way toward the Free Tommy event, they will be jailed, along with the organisers.

Truly we live in a fascist state. And I hope that all Americans are taking note of this, and will take pre-emptive action against those in their own country who support Khan and the EU.

But the individuals who are taking part in these rallies are Britons, and demand total freedom of movement around our capital, and it would be a very foolish copper who tried to stop them: any violence against them by the police to prevent their freedom to go from one demonstration to another – especially while The Don is still on British soil and the eyes of the world are on us – will backfire.

And so, those patriots who are herded like sheep by the Kreepy Kaliph’s Sharia cops away from the pro Trump rally, can, and will, catch up with the Free Tommy rally, if they so choose.

As it is, the venue has changed anyway, to take account of the threats from Dick’s Fascists, and Stage 2 of the Cunning Plan is to pretend that everyone at that rally is there only to demand freedom for political prisoner Tommy Robinson.

But we, and American patriots, know this is not the case. You Tube accounts have already been closed which showed Brits flying the Stars and Stripes and the Gadsden Flag, chanting ‘we want Trump’ and ‘USA, USA.’ But we saw them and our memories can’t be closed. Quisling Theresa May must know that America is what happens when Brits are pushed beyond endurance by our government.

We are effectively under occupation by a pro-EU/4th Reich establishment, but the combined rally will happen whether Dick likes it or not, and it would be safer for disposable Kreepy Kaliph Khan, who presides over a blood-bath, to occupy his time in blubbering about “way-sist” tweets, than to attempt to stop it.

Mr President – you are most welcome, as friend, liberator, and son of this dis-United Kingdom.

The Welcome Trump Rally, being moved from place to place by the police, was cut short, and the people there warned of arrest – but they went to the Free Tommy Event, which was renamed Britain Loves Trump, and was huge. Speakers included American Trump supporters, and at l.53.30 of this video – which will not be covered by msm – President Trump spoke on screen and the crowd went wild.

Real Brits have spoken – Britain Loves Trump!
trump 2
trump 3
trump 4
trump 5
trump 6

Green And Pleasant Land

A brief history of the relationship between Scotland and England, after the Romans decided they would build a wall to keep out the marauding Pictish tribes: Scottish border raids of rape and pillage in England continued until the Scots were comprehensively splatted by Longshanks, styled “Hammer of The Scots”. The Scots then formed what they call “The Auld Alliance” – an agreement with the French to constantly harass and attack the English.

On the death of Elizabeth lst, by accident of birth the Scottish king became King of England. James lst of England (6th of Scotland) was so hated, that he had to wear padded clothing to avoid being stabbed. Fond of molesting page boys, he threatened the families of handsome male courtiers with death unless they granted him sexual favours. Even by the standards of the day, he stunk like a dead badger, as he was afraid of warm water, and was noted never to wash his hands, which were encrusted with dirt. It was under his rule that the Gunpowder Plot took place.

His son was so despotic and insanely privileged that he drove England to civil war and the formation of a republic. His supporters then raised Catholic armies in Ireland, prompting Cromwell to rampage there to prevent invasion, a pre-emptive defence of the realm for which the English are blamed. The English are also exclusively blamed for the formation of the British Empire, even though that began in earnest after the union of Scotland and England, and Scots were very prominent in all aspects of it.

There remained such a tradition of Scottish hostility to England that, in Jefferson’s first draft of the American declaration of independence, he complained of the British King sending “Scots and other foreigners” to attack the American patriots, who were largely of English heritage.

Moving swiftly forward, in 20l4 the Scots held a referendum on continued membership of the United Kingdom. The result was a 55% win for those who chose to remain part of the Union.
The Welsh have been offered a referendum on membership and have refused it. Northern Ireland held a referendum on the matter and the results were even more conclusive.


And yet, the myth of oppressive ‘occupation’ by the dastardly English continues.

It seems that the more noise the “Indy” side make, the more their country votes to remain part of the UK when given the democratic choice.

The English have never been offered a choice on whether they want to remain part of the UK.

If noisy protest against membership tends to result in democratic choice to remain, could it be that the British government suspect that the English, who don’t complain, might strongly vote to leave if given the democratic choice which has been offered to everyone else? Some polls suggest this might be the case.

GReen and pleasant land

So why is England, a nation with a population (53.5 million) more than ten times that of Scotland (5.2 million) refused the choice which has been offered to everyone else?

Well, Conservatives are sentimentally attached to the notion of the UK. Many have roots in Scotland, including David Cameron, and Scottish Conservatives prefer to be overlords of Big Bad England, than to be a tiny voice in a tiny country. And Labour would never have achieved overwhelming power in the UK unless through the (ridiculously skewed) Scottish vote, so they certainly don’t want to lose their ticket to Westminster by allowing the English any self-determination.

Now, of course, fans of the EU know that the only thing significantly reducing the percentage of the Leave vote was the Scots, so they want to cling to the UK; although, as fans of welding reluctant nations together in unhappy marriages of state, and haters of what they believe makes Britain great, they like to use the “threat” of break up as a stick to beat the English with.

In fact, there are too many sticks being used to beat the English, and it’s time for it to stop. There is a general vilification of the English which seeps into political life: can you imagine a party called the English National Party facing anything other than shrieking hysterical accusations of fascism?

There are serious injustices in our democracy when in the 20l5 General Election, 3.8 million English UKIP votes resulted in one MP in Westminster, while l.4 million Scottish SNP votes resulted in 50 MPs.

Northern Ireland, the Welsh and the Scots each have their own parliament, dedicated entirely to matters concerning their own people, on which English MPs can’t vote.
The English don’t have any parliament to defend their interests. Cameron promised us one – it was a vote-winner – but didn’t deliver. Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish MPs can freely vote on matters which only concern the English and usually do so to the detriment of our interests.

This is outrageous, when you think about it, but we don’t have a culture of victimhood, so we don’t wander around whining. We shouldn’t whine – let’s leave that to the Celtic Fringe – but we should demand equality: we certainly need a voice of our own.

Scotland receives 20% more public funding than England, and only days ago, when it was proposed that more money be voted to the NHS in England – which bears the brunt of mass immigration – the Scottish National Party practically foamed at the mouth.

This inequality results in small but important privileges being given to the three tiny nations, which the English don’t enjoy: free medical prescriptions, free dental care, free geriatric care homes, vastly less expensive university education and bursaries.

A small group getting perks which a large group don’t; a small group able to dictate to a large group, which generates over 80% of the ‘common’ wealth, but which is voiceless.

Just who is being oppressed here?

SNP supporters and those who support Northern Ireland joining with the ROI moan that we want to keep them bound to us, but don’t offer any reasons why that might be. Scots are particularly virulent about this, because their Ref was so recent. But it was their choice to stay, made under their rules.

When Scots expressed venomous outrage that the English flag was flown in London in support of our team playing the World Cup, I decided to check out the reaction to a possible referendum on English Independence by posting the suggestion on a Facebook page.

SNP supporters went into melt-down, some saying “we will have our independence but you will not be the ones who give it to us” which is pretty ridiculous when you consider that they have only recently voted to remain UK. Most were simply outraged that England should be given any unique voice, or choice.

Some claimed that Scotland was financially supporting England (so we are supposed to assume that they voted to remain UK out of charity) while others complained that they had been threatened with financial hardship if they left.

These two claims don’t mesh, and in any case, Brits in general were threatened with everything from bankruptcy to World War 3 if we left the EU – but we still voted to leave.

Scots also moan that they wanted to remain part of the EU – but the EU had already told them they were not interested in an Indy Scotland: the EU aren’t keen on national self-determination.
How can a nation claim to want independence, when they want to be a province of a Federal Europa?

Scots who had voted to leave the UK also moaned about the way the Scottish Independence Referendum was run, although the method of election was rightly chosen by the Scottish government.
In contrast to UK elections and referenda, the SNP chose to allow non-citizen EU migrants to vote, along with underage children, from the age of sixteen.

SNP supporters now complain that allowing EU migrants to vote made them lose the referendum, although at the time, they were accusing the English of ‘racism’ for saying that non-citizens should not be allowed to vote on such an important matter.

The economic reasons shouldn’t have mattered – to be free, you should be willing to eat grass. But in the case of “Indy England” there are no practical reasons why it would do the English any harm at all to be free of the endless drone of hatred from beyond Hadrian’s Wall.

 The English taxpayer would no longer have to bear the liabilities of failed Scottish banks. Scotland could use the pound in much the same way as small islands in the Caribbean use the dollar. It would have to accept, as they do, that by doing so it would forfeit ultimate control of its economy. It would find sterling appreciating, without the possibility of devaluation for Scotland, and its cost of borrowing would rise considerably because of the uncertainty of the collateral.
Mr Salmond claims Scotland is self-supporting. This is true in the same way that grown-up children who live with their parents are self-supporting. The higher per capita spending that flows north of the border would stay in the English Treasury. Just think what the English (and Welsh, and Northern Irish) could do with it. Scotland has a culture of welfarism: England is seeking to rid itself of one. Separation means one nation no longer has to accommodate these damaging differences. The area north of Leeds and Manchester that Mr Miliband has this week complained is economically underperforming could become home to businesses fleeing what may well have to become a penal taxation regime in Scotland. Indeed, Mr Osborne should stand by to grant special tax status to Carlisle and Newcastle to make them the Cayman Islands of the north.
We are told we could no longer station our nuclear submarines in Scotland’s deep-water ports. We managed to win the second world war despite the Irish denying the Royal Navy access to Irish ports. England would cope.
And it would also end the outrageous situation whereby Scottish MPs vote on matters that concern only the constituents of English and, sometimes, Welsh MPs.

There are private petitions out there asking for English Indy, although the government petition page has an odd tendency to reject these petitions.

With the continued hostility of the Scots toward us, isn’t it time we had an English parliament, which speaks only for England, and were given the choice offered to others, so the people of England can decide whether they want to stand free at last of the endless childish whine of blame?

And since all governments refuse to offer us that democratic choice, doesn’t it prove that they suspect we would choose not to be permanently bound to a hate-spewing, conjoined twin?

We could even have our own national anthem, which celebrates the glory of our own country, instead of being a hymn offered to the descendants of the Scottish King.


Remainers still don’t get it. They still have no idea why most people want to leave the EU. And their contempt for their own nation and the other nations of Europe is tragic.

According to the rhetoric of the elitists and their minions, poor little Britain can’t survive as an independent nation. Tonga, yes:Britain, no.

Clearly this is ridiculous: of course we can, and will. The hair-tearing and detail picking, the ludicrous hand-wringing wail of it being impossible to untangle 40 years of legislation from a 960 year old nation, are only an attempt to keep the EU, and therefore the perks of the elitists – power without accountability, money without end – intact.

For those who are interested in finance, at the bottom of this I post a link to an article by an economist; for those interested in power, there is another article on that subject.

I find it strange that Remainers so often base their choice to remain subject to the EU, on economics. Would they stay in a miserable marriage, simply to have someone else pay the bills? And how can they – as they so often do – deride Britain for having been a colonial power, while claiming it bothers them that we will be powerless on leaving? This is pure hypocrisy.

I’m not going to argue the points of economics, or of power, because when I stood up in my village hall and spoke for Brexit, when I lined up to vote for Leave, I did it simply for love of my nation, for the people of my nation to make their own choices, enjoy their own opportunities, have neighbours, not reluctant fellow provinces.

As well as loving my own country, I love the Europe which gained freedom from the Soviet Bloc: I love the varied ‘box of chocolates’ which is the real Europe, and my heart aches to see it being rolled like a lump of old Plasticine into an ugly, uniform beige.

I chose Leave out of love for the concept of freedom itself, without which, nothing else matters.

Unsurprisingly for an instrument of government designed by Nazi lawyer Walter Hallstein, the EU has no understanding of the concept of freedom. As demonstrated in this video, they appear to think that “autonomy” can be graciously drip-fed at the whim of others.

This is nonsense: autonomy is an absolute; self-determination is by it’s very nature declared and taken, not gifted. By floating the idea of “allowing” us a little of what they think we want, they only underline how much they have taken.

To use the analogy of an unhappy marriage again, this is like a domineering husband ‘allowing’ his wife to choose her own clothes.

Talking of bullies, I don’t like a bully, and the EU is a bully. As with all bullies, when challenged their knee-jerk reaction is to shove harder, to threaten, not discuss. Bullies should be defied, not obeyed, and the moment anyone shows themselves to have the desire to dominate, is the time to leave.

Bullies are generally pretty stupid, blinded by their belief in their own power, and so, while the EU thinks that by threatening and bullying us it will warn off others who want to leave, in fact it has the opposite effect, as shown in the rise of populism and patriotism since Brexit.

As the second largest contributor to the EU, Britain is being watched by the smaller nations as the EU tries to overturn our old democracy. They are taking notes, and the EU’s treatment of us is causing the EU to implode even before it’s predicted death-by-Brexit.

Because make no mistake, when we leave, the EU will die. The three biggest annual contributors are Germany, at £l4 billion, the UK at £l2 billion, and, dragging behind, France, at £5.5 billion.
It’s not easy to replace £l billion per month, and most of the member states are only willing to sell their souls for the funding they’ve received at our expense.

They simply cannot afford to make up the difference, even if they wanted to. This is not what they signed up to, and of course, Merkel’s insanity in telling the population of Africa that they only have to arrive in a leaky boat and they can live off Europe ad infinitum, and her mistake in showing just who is Fuhrer by threatening nations who won’t take in their quota and prevent Germans from wanting to lynch her, has underlined that it’s time to cut and run.

The Freedom Gene is strong in all of us, and they, too, love their countries.

Every nation in Europe has paid the price for previous ambitions to force upon them a variety of one-world fantasies. It’s time to draw a line under the 20th century social experiments, once and for all, and return to a time of diplomacy and love of culture.

The traitors in our government have dithered and thrashed in their attempts to bind us to Hallstein’s Monster – so much so, and for so long, that, rightly, it now looks as if there will be a ‘no deal’ Brexit, which is as it should be.

It’s called “Leave”. And it’s what we voted for.

Hot Air

Of all the social protests ever made, which are carved deep into the consciousness of the western world – the the Boston Tea Party, the storming of the Bastille, the Chartist’s Revolt, the march on the Winter Palace, the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, Brexit – none were such a bloody good laugh as the impending Battle of The Blimps.

Where once Londoners looked up in dread of ‘doodlebugs’ – the V2 rockets which became deadly when their steady drone ended, as their motors cut and they fell on beleaguered civilians – now two vast balloons made in the image of babies in nappies will drift in the blue summer sky.

hot air 2

The two inflatables – one representing Donald Trump, the other, Kreepy Kaliph Khan – are floated with very different intentions. The Trump balloon is, it’s launchers believe, making a strong protest against democracy being in the hands of people they disagree with. The other is just, well, a joke.

The funniest thing of all, of course, is the the anti-democracy-anti-Trump SJWs take their baby very seriously indeed, as it most closely represents their reaction to not getting their own way. They are convinced that the tens of thousands of Trump supporters who will be in London this weekend, overjoyed to welcome the Nemesis of globalism, are enraged, and that they have made a powerful statement of People Power.

This is because these people – the terminally offended massed ranks of drag queens, the bored middle-class kept-women, the docile soy-men, the doddering relics of the Remain camp, and the gender-confused who spend their first hour of every day wondering whether they identify as a tea-pot or a vase of flowers, who are scheduled to be part of the protest against Americans having a right to select their own choice of president – think that, by flying a balloon, they can hold back the tide of populism.

These are people who have created ‘safe spaces’ for themselves and are therefore horrified to discover that the world has moved on; they have the mentality of elderly Japanese soldiers found holed up in jungles back in the l970s, who still think the war is going on, when actually, they lost it on 23rd June 20l6.

They fail to see that, even if they manage to swarm into London – enabled by the Kreepy Kaliph, who is far too busy hysterically shrieking about Donald Trump to prevent our capital city becoming a blood-bath, and who is so scared of the massive support for Trump among Brits, that he has threatened organisers of the pro-Trump rally with jail – all they prove is that they are unemployed, and therefore have nothing better to do on a Friday than spit out their dummies.

They also don’t understand that the things they are squealing against – democracy, populism, changing social values, POTUS himself – are bigger than any balloon they can inflate, and won’t be burst by any action on their part, no matter how ridiculous they make themselves look.

Donald Trump is well aware that the Kreepy Kaliph doesn’t represent the opinion of the vast majority in Britain. He knows that the only politicians who oppose him are those who know that his brand of politics – putting his own people first, keeping his election promises – sound the death-knell for an era of self-hatred and subservience to elites. He knows he represents the winning side of the existential battle.

And meanwhile, those who love democracy, western culture, free speech, and honest leaders, are having some fun at the expense of little Khan’s massive ego.

It remains to be seen whether the Kreepy Kaliph will throw a tantrum against the flying of the Baby Khan balloon, and on that, hangs the outcome of Friday’s Battle of the Blimps. Because if he does wet his nappy over it – if he attempts to forbid it flying – only then will this thing get serious.

The Return Of The Marmite

You either love it or hate it. Personally, I love Marmite – but only on buttered toast and crumpets. Drizzle it on ice-cream, and it would make me feel sick. Everything has it’s place.

It’s much the same with leaders. It’s a case of “cometh the hour, cometh the man.” Churchill, for example, as “Marmite” in his day as Nigel Farage, a loose cannon who was adored during the war years, was swiftly out of style when the nitty gritty of post-war set-up was needed, rather than flamboyant gestures.

Labour has now become the party of the toxic loon, but in ’45 it was the party which reformed to ensure that we had the NHS, rebuilt housing stock, put the country back to work, and took care of those who had been left unable to work, rather than throwing them on the scrap-heap as after the First World War.

As with Marmite and party leaders, every party has it’s time. If the right time, party and leader can be brought together, then progress and prosperity is ensured.

Nigel Farage will, I believe, go down on record as one of the Greatest Brits, and UKIP will be the party which sweeps to power and relegates other parties to history.
But not his UKIP, and not his leadership. He is an eminently electable MEP and suitable thorn in the side of the EU – but has proven unelectable here, on each of the seven times he has stood as an MP. However adored he is by his fans, and however admired by those who enjoy seeing him cross swords with the EU grandees, and whatever he may be in his private life, he simply doesn’t come across as easily likeable.

There is a time and a place for abrasive swagger, and there is a time and a place for uniting the people, and we need the latter, now.

Churchill’s fatal move in his election campaign of l945 was a radio broadcast which he gave from his country pile, which used the words “as you sit there in your cottages…” revealing a mindset totally opposed to the national mood.

Nigel Farage’s fatal move was to swagger off to New York straight after the Referendum, leaving his party in chaos and the country so obviously under attack from Remainers.

We needed someone with the humility to see it through.
Think what opportunities were missed to put some UKIP MPs in parliament last year, when people reluctantly voted for Traitor May’s Conservatives, in their desperation to ensure that anti-Referendum Labour didn’t get to power.

The General Election of 20l5 saw UKIP come second in half of all constituencies. What if jitters over May’s betrayal of Brexit had tipped UKIP into first place?

But by then – directly thanks to Nigel Farage walking out so abruptly – UKIP then was flailing and ailing, a fan-club whose idol had shown his contempt for them, triggering an exodus by Anne Marie Waters and those who were sick of being called “Nazis” by the snobbish, outdated old-guard of UKIP who had dedicated themselves to pandering to the politically correct, making themselves irrelevant.

This is hardly fair: there is already a political voice available for the snobbish, politically correct, and out of touch – it’s called the Conservative Party. And the Labour Party. And the Lib Dem Party.

And Nigel Farage – basically a Tory renegade – was responsible for that in many ways, long before he jumped ship for a radio show: he had snobbishly refused support from people whose communities had been decimated by the crimes which are now public knowledge, and had previously turned for political solution to the only groups which seemed to offer it.

And he had lost the support of people like me who want a government to comply with the wishes of the majority, and ban religious slaughter.

It’s no longer considered desirable to abandon our own values in an effort to court the “ethnic” vote, and in any case, it makes no sense: most people of most ethnicities happen to love those values.
This is the age of populism, not PC. We need Gerard Batten’s NewKip.

Gerard Batten is not “Marmite.” He comes across as eminently likeable, strong, capable, honest, dynamic… but modest. This isn’t a man who smirks, and winks, this is a man who looks the world straight in the eye.

His attitude and personality imply a man concerned for people, party, and country, rather than ego. The only reason UKIP still exists at all, is that he dragged it from the brink of bankruptcy. He has not only taken a firm – even radical – stand in EU parliament, but has involved himself in the issues of the day at home, with the real people of the day, who are desperately in need of a political voice.

He has a broader appeal than any party leader currently on offer, and has won over the new, educated, dynamic younger vote, as well as growing the party in all demographics.
His UKIP is the modern version, which doesn’t see it as a peculiarity to have, as supporters, people of all ethnicities, because this is not, I repeat, the age of PC, it is the age of populism.
He has espoused causes, such as the “Free Tommy Robinson” campaign, which old UKIP turned it’s nose up at, because, heaven forbid, Tommy Robinson was beneath them.

However unfair it is, Nigel Farage’s party had the image of a blue-rinse, one-trick fan-club. This is not good in British politics where we vote for policies and party, and are uneasy about personality cults.

Judging by the ludicrous reaction of some to his statement that he will come back from his holiday at Trump Towers and oust Gerard Batten, there are still plenty of his fan club in situ, who would prefer to see UKIP wiped out at the ballot box, than see it gain mass appeal, as long as they can gaze in adoration at Their Nigel: they seemingly prefer to be a potty side-show and to rant at those who find Nigel Farage unappealing, than to see a dynamic, well-rounded, mass-appealing UKIP take it’s rightful place in British politics.

It speaks badly for Nigel Farage that only now, when Gerard Batten has got the party up and running, does he choose to return to UK politics in the hope of making use of Batten’s hard work – arrogantly announcing his return, as if Gerard Batten has merely been keeping his throne warm: and it would be the death-knell of UKIP’s growing mass support, and, possibly, Brexit, if the Fan Club had their way.

Clearly he doesn’t give a toss that even the thought of a leadership challenge will weaken the party. But then, two years ago he made clear he didn’t give a toss about either UKIP or Britain.

I hear that Nigel Farage is now even asking for a second referendum; maybe he has been too long immersed in the EU way of doing things, or maybe he is now worried about actually losing his job there. Either way, it shows a man totally out of touch with the people and the times, which have changed radically since the Referendum.

We need to secure a landslide for UKIP at the next GE, and we can do it under Batten, who is today’s man. We cannot do it under the leadership of the proven unelectable, minority-appeal Nigel Farage, and if Nigel Farage has any real concern for his country, he will have the humility and good sense to acknowledge that.

In desperation, without Batten at the helm offering a totally up-to-date and relevant NewKip, people will vote Tory or, even worse, Labour. We will be finished as a nation. Nobody except the fan club will vote for Nigel Farage’s UKIP.

But hey, never mind: after years on an MEP salary, Nigel has plenty of money salted away, unlike the rest of us. And while we are ground into the mud of the floundering EU, and he continues to pick up his inflated MEP’s salary, he can go fishing or shake his head in feigned despair, while broadcasting on Fox News.

Et Tu, Boris?

It’s impossible to list all of quisling May’s obnoxious characteristics as Prime Minister – there are only so many hours in a day – but for me, her most ludicrous trait is her belief that she is Machiavellian. The woman appears to think that the world is oblivious to her blatant attempts to reverse this nation’s biggest ever democratic choice and torpedo the US/UK ‘special relationship.’

Remember all her heel-dragging and obfuscation: Article 50 could, and should, have been triggered as soon as she gained office. Instead, she sneaked off on a private visit to the lair of Bond Villain Richard Branson, a rabid Remainer, to plot, then she blustered and dithered to give time for her fellow traitor, the superannuated gold-digger Gina Miller, whose meal-ticket – sorry, husband – is bankrolled by Capo and all-round excrescence George Soros, to put together her first attempt to destroy the democracy of a country whose traditions bear no relation to the banana republic which she hails from.

Then there has been the over-riding of every attempt made by David Davis to secure a good deal: Traitor May has done everything possible to destroy the dignity and image of our country, has offered outrageous sums of money to the hostile power which the EU is, and invented “transition periods” lasting from three years to forever, when in fact, the two years following the triggering of Article 50 are the only ‘transition period’ needed.

She has invented ridiculous scenarios of mysterious spies in fur hats as attempts to rally us behind Mad Merkel’s sabre-rattling at Russia. She has offered to allow Druncker Juncker to send our servicemen and women to their deaths. She has appeared to whimper and swoon in terror of a dying Frankensteinian creation which depends upon us for it’s survival. She has rejected the offer of friendship from the US president, preferring to gurgle insults at him.

EU frankesnstein

She has done everything possible to deliver the worst possible ‘deal’ in the hope that it would be rejected and a weeping people would beg to be welcomed back into the clammy embrace of the moribund Brussels Beast. She has been supported in this by God’s Waiting Room – a House of Lords in which the majority are in the pay of the enemy, and deserve dragging out by the scruff of their ermine robes.

Unfortunately for her, the embarrassing blubbering and arrogance of the Remain camp, coupled with the obvious crookedness of our government and the spite of the EU, have tended to have the opposite effect – they have hardened opinion against the EU, not just in Britain, but world-wide. She may want to Remain forever, but it’s unlikely there will be anything left of the 4th Reich within very few years: unpleasant socio-political experiments in Europe generally have a shelf-life of around 65 years, and the EU is tapping on now, visibly imploding. We need to jump ship before we are roped into the mopping up operations.


In any case, we are legally, financially, morally, and in every other way, able to simply walk away from the EU, without paying them a penny – but putting in a claim on them for a pay-out of the money we have invested in it. After all, as the past possessors of the biggest empire the world has ever seen, we know the score when it comes to regaining independence: the wannabe free nation declares that they are independent. And then gets on with being independent. It’s as simple as that.

The fact is, Traitor May, and the entire establishment of this country – as David Davis’s deputy so rightly said – do not want to leave the EU. Only the people of this country want to leave the EU, and in opposing our will, the establishment has declared war against the people: a war which the people must win, if we are not to become latter-day serfs.

Possibly more clever is her geeky, unpleasant side-kick Michael Gove, a strange, mole-like little creature who back-stabbed the most likely Brexiteer candidate for Tory leader in 20l6 – clearing the way for Theresa May to stand as sole opposition to Andrea Leadsome, who was neatly swatted by the Terminally Offended for daring to state truthfully that, as a mother and grandmother, she has a genetic stake in the future.

I had thought that Gove’s sinking of the Brexiteers was in vengeance for his own expected failure to be elected, a hissy fit because nobody wanted to elect a PM who has all the personal presence of a loofah. But was he actually simply ensuring that, since he couldn’t have the Top Job, he would at least guarantee his future prospects as an EU grandee?

After all, after being held hostage – phone-less and watch-less – for twelve long hours of being pecked and threatened by Cruella De May, who had grovelled to be given the green light by her chosen Fuhrer Angela Merkel before presenting her plan for our destruction to our elected government ministers, Gove soon popped up to say how wondrous indeed was the outline which would overturn British democracy, law, trade, sovereignty, dignity, and prosperity, and tie us forever to the Nazi construct of the EU as a voiceless vassal, until we are so broken and impoverished that we will hopelessly be consigned to a mere province of Greater Germania.

tmay bulldog

In this greasy capitulation, Grovelling Gove is not alone. It will be fascinating to see how many are prepared to put the wishes of the people before their personal ambition to feed off the carcass of the democratic European nation state.

As I write, Brexit minister David Davis has resigned, along with three colleagues from his department. And news just came that Boris Johnson, “face of Brexit” has resigned after being threatened with being fired if he ever dared to criticise the policy of capitulation, which he promptly and defiantly described as “a big turd.” All 48 letters needed to trigger a vote of confidence in Traitor May have been received, and two thirds of party members declared that they will tear up their membership cards unless Traitor May is removed from office.

It’s obvious that putting Theresa May in charge of complying with the people’s vote is like putting Jimmy Saville in charge of a nursery school. She has to go.

Clearly the ministers who have not yet resigned, and the MPs who have not yet demanded a vote of confidence, don’t care about the country – after all, it was a Conservative government which so deceptively took us into the Common Market, despite knowing the plan for a federal Europe. But they should care about their party, which, unless they act now, purge all Remainers from office, and deliver a “no deal” declaration of independence, is a dead duck.

The only glue holding Traitor May in office is a silly fear of Labour. But Labour will not deliver Brexit – and as the recent elections proved, even with the loathed and despised May crouched like a spider in Downing Street, people would rather vote for a piece of old string, than for the weird junta of Comrade ‘Hezbollah’ Compost, incomprehensible racist Dianne Abbot, ‘IRA’ McDonnel, and England-hating snob Emily – Lady Nugee – Thornberry.

But Labour is not the alternative. The old parties have reached the end of their useful life. For a new era, we need a new party. We need the only party which has proven it will deliver the Brexit the people voted for.

A year ago, UKIP appeared to be in it’s death throes, but has now re-emerged as a vibrant, likeable party under it’s down-to-earth, gutsy and likeable new leader Gerard Batten – and new membership is going through the roof, especially among younger, educated voters. UKIP stands as a serious contender for power, which, if even half of all Leave voters vote for it, will at a stroke drain the swamp which is Westminster.

In four days time Donald Trump will arrive in Britain, and will be welcomed by millions, even if Kreepy Kaliph Khan’s Sharia Kops have threatened organisers of a welcome rally with prison, and Khan himself – another traitor who flies the flag of a hostile foreign state over London – has given permission for snivelling opponents of democracy and free speech to fly a giant baby balloon, supposedly as an insult to Trump but most closely resembling their own attitude to not getting their own way.

Traitor May had intended to harangue The Don on behalf of Fuhrer Merkel, so it gladdens my heart that, when he arrives, and has the unpleasant obligation of meeting the woman occupying Number Ten, May will have been openly discredited and despised by her own party as well as the rest of the country, and will stand revealed as the piece of rotting EU driftwood she is.

tmay mad 2